Homestay in Northern Vietnam

Footprint Travel is very proud to be the first company to partner with Taphin Village (Sapa, Lao Cai) and regularly run trekking and homestay trips to the community. From that time much has changed in the colourful hilltribe village, although successful trips continue to happen. Listening to our past clients who have gone on our 3 and 4 day trekking tour in Sapa, we have heard that to make the trips that much better, we need to be more diligent in providing information on ‘what to expect’ when visiting the homestays. ...READ MORE

The Northern Treats & Recipes

As a German, I have to admit that it took me some time to get used to the Northern Vietnamese food, but let me tell you one thing: Once you get used to it (which can already happen within a few days), there is no way out. ...READ MORE

A Guide For Trekking In Vietnam

Vietnam has become a destination worth visiting; not only for its world renowned destinations, fascinating cultures, as well as numerous World Heritage sites, but also for the variety of trekking options. It leads you through some of the most scenic regions of Northern and Central Vietnam which are often off the beaten track and offer great chance to discover the authentic local cultures. ...READ MORE

In Vietnam, Art Tours And Beyond

Let’s start with this; discovering the stories through art is no denying some of the best ways to learn about Vietnam’s culture. This week we will introduce some of the best art tours in Vietnam. This is not only for art lovers but also for those who want to explore the cultures of Vietnam. ...READ MORE

Community Based Tourism in Hoang Su Phi

Isolated in rough off – road areas, Hoang Su Phi can get overshadowed by more popular nearby destinations such as Quan Ba and Dong Van. However, that's not to say that there aren't amazing things to see and do in this under-the-radar destination. This time, we took a 4-day inspection trip, co-organized by CRED and RTC Vietnam, to Vietnam’s most impressive terraced rice field destination that is home to cultural diversity, truly authentic experiences and the extensive trail networks (from easy to tough adventures). And here are introduction about Hoang Su Phi CBT and our few highlights from our trip. ...READ MORE