Money and payment

1. Can I use Thai Baht in Vietnam?


Thai Baht is not popular, nor convenient for purchasing in Vietnam. You should bring US dollars. It is easiest to change from USD to Vietnam Dong (VND).


2. How do the ATMs work in Vietnam?


When you take money out from an ATM, using your credit or debit card, you are always given Vietnam Dong (VND). You are allowed to normally withdraw 2,000,000 VND per time, and not over 20,000,000 / day. Charges vary from bank to bank.


3. What kind of currency do you use in Vietnam and will it be easy to change orther currencies to your currency?


In Vietnam the currency is called the Vietnamese Dong (VND). Changing other currencies in Vietnam is quite easy. Changing common currencies such as USD and the Euro as well as traveler cheques are the easiest. It is although tougher and more costly to exchange your dong back into USD.


You can exchange your money at the banks, the many currency converters, and jewelry stores. Rates will vary from place to place and from currency to currency.


Tip: Always carry small denominations of VND. Some small shops and small villages often will not have change. Being aware of this will save you time, money and frustration. 


Tip: Always bring crisp, clean foreign currency. Some places will not accepted tattered or torn bills. The larger bills offer better rates.


4. Are $US notes accepted at travel sites? 


Yes, USD is often accepted at most travel sites, but it is recommended to use Dong (VND) throughout your trip to Vietnam. You will save money and never find yourself in a time where your money doesn’t work. Often USD is not accepted because the shop owner is unable to give enough change.


5.  Are credit cards (Visa or Master Card) accepted in Vietnam?


Yes, both Visa and Master Card is accepted in Vietnam. Although, in the outer regions you may find that neither are accepted because of a lack of resources and technology. For minor purchases cash is the recommended method of payment.


6.  Are there ATMs in the main towns of Vietnam?


Yes, there are ATM’s in all the main towns. Sometimes you may have to search for them but in almost every town there is one - Sapa included.


Warning: Some of the ATM’s have recently been reported to eat cards. Have a backup with you, or when you find one that works for you, continue to use that one.


Tip: If you are traveling to Vietnam during Tet, take out enough money to last you the week. Many people will pull out all the money they need before heading home. There have been times where all of the bank machines in Hanoi have been emptied.