Footprint’s Fresh Look On New Website

Over the last few months, Footprint Travel’s marketing and IT team has been in the secret Footprint lab working on some fresh looks for the new website, and a whole new focus on connecting with you, our partners and travelers. Some things are in style with new eye-popping images and remaining a user friendly design at the same time.


It has been months of designing and re-designing and planning and drawing and debating and coding and, and, and, we are finally ready to launch our brand new Footprint website! As you can probably already tell Footprint has been putting a lot of energy into its website.

We are itching to get it out to our friends, travelers, and partners. We have streamed lined our menus for you to quickly access to the categories you are looking for.  So we invite you to start exploring.

- Travel Trade website with new functions
- Easy to use trip planner  
- Visually attractive design
- Mobile-friendly design

Tam test

Due to the significant changes in the website architecture, we know there may be potential technical problems that you may experience along the way. This is where we need your help!

Please email us at info@footprint.vn if you see a broken link or feel that something should be reviewed or improved. We will do our best to perfect your browsing experience.

We’re not done yet! Keep look out for new tours and packages. We want to show you are passion for travel not in our flashy new marketing material, but also in what we do. We don’t want to tell you everything we are planning; just stay tuned for more Local, Unique, Personal travel experiences



Author: Hong Anh

Hong Anh is a true story-teller. For her, travelling is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Each of her stories is a unique travel experience that is told and illustrated by her own distinctive style.

Hong Anh