For a green halong event

In partnership with Ha Long bay Management board, Indochina junk in Ha Long Bay (as a brother company of Footprint) has launch a project called “For a Green Ha Long Bay” this is a trial project Managed by Indochina Junk and sponsored by Footprint and Tropical Sails.
This project takes place in Vung Vieng fishing village, where there are many families living on the water and having impacts on the environments of Ha Long bay.
The campaign is to encourage local people and nearby businesses to collect litter and protect the appearance of Ha Long bay Vietnam, especially at the residential zones.
On the day the campaign was launched 50 plastic rubbish bins were given to families living in this village. More important than that, our project is aiming at education and communication to hope that all the locals will soon realize the benefit of doing this.
Our objectives of the project "For a Green Ha Long" are:

1. Educate the local people,
2. Collecting and treating waste in Ha Long Bay,
3. Changing all the Styrofoam floats underneath the floating houses by plastic floats which can be durable, long lasting and safe for environment.
4. Providing life jackets to the local fishermen
5. Re-planting mangroves forests in Ha Long Bay
6. Building new floating schools for the children

After 4 years, with our non-stop efforts, “For a Green Ha Long Bay” gained such below great results:

1. 80% of rubbish in Cong Dam & Vung Vieng fishing villages was collected and treated.
2. 128 life- jackets were presented for the local household.
3. 2 hectares of mangroves forests were full-filled.
4. Help to build new floating school in Vung Vieng fishing village.
We call for your support, please help leave a better Ha Long Bay for the future.