What is the homestay condition, are there mosquito nets and sleeping bags provided at homestay?

Footprint is trying to promote community based tourism and homestay is one of the local products of the communities we work with them to offer you.

When talking about homestay, we all mean to experience the life of the locals rather than a stay of comfort, so if you were looking for something comfortable with soft bed and good shower, homestay isn't the place for you.

The family will welcome you with the best with simple bed with mattress, pillow, mosquito net and blanket. They are basic but clean and located right inside the house of the host, you mostly share the same very big room with the family, however, you will stay at one of the corner while the host is staying quite away from your bed.

Local meals are also experience we wish to offer you to you can see more part of their life, they can be cooked by the host or with our guide's support. Please experience them and let us know how you like it.

Toilet is available, it's also simple, local style but clean. Though some families invested a very nice western toilets to its guests.

Some of the local hosts will have very good shower, however most of the remote homestay do not have shower, but they certainly have a place for you to bath, clean water and a basket, enough of the basic for you to bath after a long day trekking.

If you like to have a bath with warm water, please ask your host for a kettle boiled for you, they will be willing to do so without extra charge.

Footprint loves to hear your experience, please send us your feedback after the trip.