Endangered Primate Rescue Center – More Than Just Volunteering

Ever thought of volunteering in Vietnam? It is a loud, chaotic and just in-your face place. But if you feel the need to get out of your comfort zone, venture into the unknown then come. You are always welcomed by friendly locals. In Vietnam, there is a need for volunteers in community development, conservation, education and so on all across the country. And if you are wildlife enthusiasts, keep reading because this is an opportunity to take on an adventure of a lifetime. ...READ MORE

APEC conference on Community Based Tourism

Community Based Tourism (CBT) is a new type of tourism that involves most of the locals of that community in tourism activities, all the tourism activities are arranged and managed by the community and the benefit is for the whole community not just for some of the families in that village or community. ...READ MORE

A Guide to Ethical Photography

When travelling, photography helps us capture the sense of the places and the people and gather memories. However, due to the lack of awareness, some of the photography enthusiasts actually do more harm than good to the local people and nature and wildlife in pursuit of the perfect shot. All you need is a thorough knowledge of the place and people to show respectful towards community and nature and intolerant of unethical photography practices. ...READ MORE

Eco unique hotels in Vietnam

These accommodations might not fit to everyone’s taste and none of them are conventional hotels. From mountain lodge, beach bungalow to local home stay in the isolated corner of Vietnam, this is a good choice for adventurously minded traveler.. ...READ MORE

Footprint welcomes volunteer and continues to support Responsible Travel Club

In an effort to continue promoting responsible travel in Vietnam, Footprint Vietnam Travel, is proud to support the Responsible Travel Club (RTC) by opening its doors to volunteer Ngyuen Thi Lan Chi (pictured here with some of the Footprint team). ...READ MORE

Our Milestone in Sustainability and How You Can Participate

Yes! After one year of hard-working, detailed and focussed work, we are proudly announcing our success in achieving the Travelife certificate. Since 2007, Travelife works to create a more sustainable environment in the tourism industry by setting sustainable benchmarks for its members. Not only did we manage to apply Travelifes’ detailed rules in a country that still needs improvement in sustainability, but we are also the first Vietnamese-owned tour operator achieving a sustainability certificate. ...READ MORE

Highlights Recycle Event: Hoang Su Phi Mountain Bike Challenge 2017

The 5th annual Recycle event was successfully held between May 18 - 21 in Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang ...READ MORE

The Millennials: Unique Experience versus Mass Tourism

How can you offer a unique experience, but also show the highlights of a country? ...READ MORE

Pu Luong Retreat Eco Concept - Toward A Sustainable Development

The Eco concept of Pu Luong Retreat strictly follows the principles of eco-sustainability and conservation of the environment ...READ MORE

Responsible Travel: Practical Challenges of Footprint

Many travel companies advise you with a lot of information on how to become a responsible traveller, but how they are actually implementing responsible travel themselves? ...READ MORE

Illegal Souvenirs: How to Avoid

Buying souvenirs is a common practice for many travellers. Still, have you thought about the impact of that seemingly insignificant activity on the environment and the destination? ...READ MORE

Refill My Bottle - Refill The Future

Footprint is proud to be a partner of "Refill My Bottle" campaign in Vietnam. The project aims to reduce usage of plastic bottles by setting up water filling stations, where travellers are able to track these stations via an online app for refilling. ...READ MORE