Price & Payment

1. Do you accept paying by credit card over the internet?


We accept paying by credit card both via fax or online. For your protection, we use a very secure online payment, that has never caused us or our clients any trouble. Upon finalizing your tour and travel arrangements with your Footprint Travel consultant, we will send you an authorized form to fill out. Once completed fax or email it to us. Alternatively you can just fill out the necessary information on the payment link we can provide in an email. Then you just pay online.

Local banks here charge 3% on credit card and 2% on travelers’ cheque.

Tip: If you are planning to pay for anything in Vietnam on credit card, contact your credit card company before you leave, let them know you are coming to Vietnam, and ensure that there are no security concerns you need to know about. 


2. How does the payment work and what are the cancellation fees?


At Footprint, as soon as you agree on your booking with us, you are required to make a deposit: normally 35% of the total tour cost. This can be via bank transfer or credit card payment online.

Tip: Online payment is safe, we will send you a secure link for your payment, however, this will cost you a small extra charge as the banks take a small percentage. If you do not like giving your credit card online, you can wire money to our bank account.


3. Deposit and full payment? Terms and conditions? 


Footprint requires a deposit of about 35% of the total cost before the trip. You can transfer this amount to our company bank account or you can authorize our local bank here to charge your credit card. We will notify you as soon as the payment arrives to our bank account and inform you the balance.

Balance is to be made upon your arrival to Vietnam in cash or credit card.

Tip: If your payment amount is less than $US 500.00, we would suggest you to pay us in full before you arrive.


4. What does Single Supplement Surrcharge Means? 


In our tour costs, you will always see S.S or 'Single Supplement'. This means a surcharge added to the cost per person when he/she wants to stay in her/his own room. Solo travellers, this is the price you should be looking at. Even if you are traveling in a group, if you want to stay in your own room, this charge will be applied.