Travel Equipment

1. Equipment provided by Footprint on a camping trip? 


Footprint will provide tents, cooking equipment and any other necessities needed for sleeping and cooking outdoors. Please check with your travel consultant to get a specific list of what is supplied, and what you have to bring with you on your trip to Vietnam.

What equipment is recommended to bring on our trip to Vietnam?
When adventuring in Vietnam with Footprint you need very little equipment. Footprint knows that much of the stuff you may need would be difficult to carry while you travel so we will supply everything for you. This applies for trekking, hiking, kayaking, canyoning, and climbing.

Please see the “what to bring list” at the bottom of all the detailed itineraries or ask your Footprint Travel consultant.


2. Do I need a First Aid Kit for my trip? 


We suggest that each traveler brings their own small first-aid kit. For some tough adventures we will need to have a group safety kit brought along with us. This is supplied by Footprint.


3. Is it possible to buy/ hire mobile phones in Vietnam? 


Yes, it’s very easy to hire or buy cell phones here in Vietnam. There are many new and used mobile phone shops. Prices are extremely cheap and buying a SIM card is very easy. If you are traveling for an extended period of time we recommend that you have a phone number for safety, and for sharing your number with friends that you meet along the way.

How much of my route will have mobile coverage?


The coverage is fine in all major city centers, towns and townlettes. Once you are trekking far into the jungle or in the remote areas (such as Pu Luong, Cuc Phuong, or Ha Giang) service begins to fade away.

Tip: Get your phone unlocked before leaving. By getting your phone unlocked you can get and use Vietnam carrier SIM cards. Most phones that have been provided to you by your cell phone carrier in your home country are locked. 


4. What is the best source of mapping for the area?


Similar questions: What maps does Footprints have? Would it be possible to obtain maps for each of the clients?

We have many standard travelers’ maps of Vietnam with us, and at each trekking site, we will have a more detailed map that shows the routes we are going to travel. It is easy to obtain maps for everyone in your group, but this is on your request! If you would like more detailed maps for your journey, the book stores carry all detailed maps and map books for all destinations in Vietnam.