Hanoi’s Nighttime Flower Market

Not too far outside Hanoi’s old quarter is Hanoi’s fabulous flower market. Many have never had the opportunity to experience the bustling, naturally-perfumed marketplace because it takes place starting at about 3 am.

Every day after harvesting, a multitude of different types of flowers are loaded up onto small trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles and transported to Hanoi’s flower market and awaiting florists. The flowers finally arrive at about 3am to a well-lit parking lot outside of a large automobile retailer. The market area includes an area for buying and selling flowers, as well as a pretty good selection of early morning eats.

When you arrive the fragrance is first to engulf you. As you wander through the colourful activity you will be astonished by the seemingly million different varieties of flowers. Roses, gaberas, and orchids abound, the florists of Hanoi are on a mission to buy-up the freshest and most vibrant of these floral treasures for their morning customers.

If you do decide to go, don’t forget to bring your camera and some spending money. Surely, you will not leave without buying at least a small bouquet for your helpful receptionist; or better yet, your favourite Footprint travel consultant

Footprint can arrange private tours to the flower market. For more information phone or email Footprint at info@footprint.vn.



Author: Footprint Team

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