Two Years, 730 days of waiting!

When covid19 first appeared, on the very first few months, we thought "it should be 3 to 6 months to isolate this virus" but it was not that easy, then we estimated again and concluded "no more than 1 year, so travellers can travel back to Vietnam by September 2021 the latest". ...READ MORE

Da Bac - Hoa Binh, a Footprint's new off the beaten track destination.

Emerging as a new tourism destination, Da Bac District is still relatively untouched by the outside world. It has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the country, best described as an “in-land Ha Long”. ...READ MORE

WorldKings recognizes 5 world culinary records from Vietnam

Five culinary records in Vietnam have been acknowledged by Hong Kong-based World Records Association (WRA), according to the Vietnamese record organization VietKings. ...READ MORE

Do more outdoor activities to avoid Cv19

Research and expert opinion suggests that it’s harder for the coronavirus to be transmitted between people in well-ventilated, outdoor areas so any outdoor activities with less people will generally safer than visiting indoor places such as museum, markets, etc.. ...READ MORE