Hanoi’s recommended restaurants

Vietnamese foods has become familiar for many tourists all over the world, thanks to it’s diversification and quintessence in every dish. Among different regions, Hanoi is well known as a paradise of foods, the specialty from the North to the South of Vietnam can be found. In Hanoi, there are various choices of Vietnamese restaurants, each one bringing unique taste for diners. Here are some of the most popular suggestions.

1/ Quan An Ngon

A romantic atmosphere falling over an ancient territory is the first impression for every tourists that visit Ngon restaurant. Carrying a rustic image of ancient Hanoi and separated from the bustling street, Ngon restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy hundreds of delicious dishes from different regions of Vietnam; and thus, this is also a great suggestion for anyone crawling for a little get away from Hanoi’s bustle. 

Address: 18 Phan Boi Chau Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Price: Start from USD 10

2/ Madame Hien Restaurant

Hanoi’s-recommended-restaurants-Madam-HienSituated in a restored 19th century villa, Madam Hien restaurant is a tribute to French chef Didier Corlu’s Vietnamese grandmother. If you are looking forward to elegant versions of traditional Hanoi street food, with the 36 streets fixed menu, Madam Hien is an ideal choice to kick off your culinary tour of the city. 

Address: 15 Chan Cam, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Price: Start from USD 15

3/ Ngon Villa Restaurant 

Hanoi’s-recommended-restaurants-Ngon- villa

A prominent name in serving exquisite and authentic Vietnamese food, Ngon Villa is inspired to serve their many treasured recipe to many food lovers here and abroad, and spread them to other destination across the country. Since the influence that the French left behind in most Vietnamese cities is undeniable, Ngon Villa is like a mirror reflexing the color of the past in every corner of local life: the bicycles, the artistic berets, the simple yet scrumptious baguettes and the sophisticated architecture.

Address: 10 Tong Duy Tan streets, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Price: Start from US$ 12

4/ Chopstick Restaurant

Hanoi’s-recommended-restaurants-Chopstick-restaurantChopstick restaurant has intention to celebrate the very best of Vietnamese cuisine, flavors and culture, where suppliers & organic food are carefully selected and processed in the best delicate way. Cleanliness and hygiene are always seriously considered to ensure a clean and safe environment to bring out the best quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine.

Address: 15 Dao Duy Tu street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Price: Start from US$ 7

5/ Highway 4

Hanoi’s-recommended-restaurants-high way-4
With four branches in Hanoi, Highway 4 is the original location of a restaurant family, giving a perfect combination between Vietnamese cuisine and Western palates. This is an ideal place for meeting or hanging with a group of friends where you can enjoy Vietnamese wine, cold beer, cocktails and funky décor. 

Address 1: 5 Hang Tre str, Hanoi
Address 2: 25 Bat Su, Hanoi 
Address 3: 101 Tran Thai Tong 
Address 4: 28 Han Thuyen 
Price: Start from US $ 7

6/ Cau Go Restaurant

Hanoi’s-recommended-restaurants-Cau- Go -staurant
Named after the street to which it belonged, Cau Go Street is surrounded by the flow of history. With a pulsating food scene which is constantly evolving where traditional recipes experience contemporary movements, Cau Go restaurant reflexes cuisine as away of life, drawing up the flavors from across the nation to devise a menu that combines the best of all the regions in Vietnam. 

Address: 5th Floor, 7 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hanoi
Price: Start from US$ 15

7/ Home Hanoi Restaurant

Hanoi’s-recommended-restaurants-Home- Restaurant
The fusion of old-world splendor and cutting edge complexity expresses HOME Hanoi – Vietnamese Restaurant. Set within a former French residence in the charming Truc Bach neighborhood, HOME is the unique Vietnamese restaurant located between the historic labyrinth of the old trading quarter and the expansive serenity of West Lake. 

At first sight, you will be amazed by magnificent aromas before setting down to a wealth of enchanting flavours of authentic Vietnamese food. With a delightful a-la-carte and several set menus served throughout the day, you are guaranteed to be satisfied whenever you want to treat yourself to a great Vietnamese meal.

Address: 34 Chau Long, Hanoi
Price: Start from US$15

Accommodations and foods are the most important experiences on your trip, aren’t they? Therefore, we hope suggested restaurants above will help you to make perfect your trip to Hanoi city and experience Vietnamese culinary.

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