Feb 2024: See how we celebrate our Tet Holiday

The Lunar New Year, known simply as Tet is the most important and happiest holiday season in Vietnam. We use this time for family, and friendship relationships as well as to show our respect to our ancestors. All family members spend quality time gathering together after a year of hard work. Should you find yourself in Vietnam during Tết, here’s how we celebrate and you can join the fun too. ...READ MORE

Mid - Autumn Festival | Time for love, reunion, mooncakes & joy

Mid - Autumn Festival | Time for love, reunion, mooncakes & joy

When it comes to autumn, visitors are not only impressed by the romantic breezes and the fragrant milk flowers of Hanoi but they will also fall in love with the very exciting atmosphere of Tet Trung Thu, so called Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon festival. ...READ MORE

The Ao Dai, what is behind this Vietnamese traditional costume?


People don’t know the exact time the “Ao Dai” was used for the first time, but it has been confirmed that Vietnamese Ao Dai has appeared for a long time. ...READ MORE

Festivals in Vietnam after Tet holiday

Festivals  in Vietnam after Tet holiday

In Vietnamese beliefs, Lunar Tet is the most important festival that gives time for their family and friends, and future plan. Tet is also an occasion for various festivals held over country. All of them make a special picture of Tet holiday in Viet Nam. ...READ MORE

Exploring Hue Culture By Boat And Bike

 Exploring Hue By Boat And Bike

Are you trying to find a different way to see the heritage and rural villages of Hue? And do you only have a limited time of 1 day? This post covers the top attractions of Hue which will have you go by boat and bike and all of that only in 1 day! ...READ MORE