Quang Binh

The biggest and one of the most popular cave systems in the world - the incredible Son Doong Cave.

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Quang Binh

Quang Binh is famous for many charming landscape of mountain and sea. The coast is dotted with blue water, yellow sand beaches that sparkle under forests of green willow trees. Located in North-Central Vietnam, Quang Binh Province is surrounded by Ha Tinh Province on the north, East Sea on the east, Laos on the west and Quang Tri Province on the south. The provincial topography is narrow and sloping from the west to the east. The area is divided into specific geological zones: mountainous, hilly and midland, lowland, coastal sandy area. The seaside stretches 116km with large Gianh and Nhat Le ports.

Quang Binh belongs to the monsoon-tropical zone. The climate is divided into two seasons. Rainy season lasts from September to March next year. The annual average rainfall is 2,000-2,300mm. Heavy rains concentrate in September, October and November. Dry season lasts from April to August. Annual average degree is 24oC-26oC. 

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  • Trekking and camping through the primary forest to get to Tu Lan Cavefollows kilometers of trails and passes through old-growth forests, as well as caves, waterfalls and streams.
  • Night-explorations where we will venture in search of the jungle’s nocturnal critters and creatures, including civets, owls, large insects, flying squirrels and bats.