Special places for the stunning photo-shoot in Hanoi

In this article, Footprint brings to you some destinations in Hanoi where you can take the best photo ever.

If your customers are an adventure by heart, how exciting would they be to wander on paths and take photo of the places they have never been before? For a travel photographers, there will never be a routine but an adventure. Find here the most ideal places for all those tourists hunting for the best photo-shoot. ...READ MORE

Best beaches in Vietnam

Best beaches in Vietnam

With more than 3,000 km of coastline and many large & small islands and pristine bays, Vietnam is proud to be one of the 12 countries having the most beautiful bays in the worlds including Halong bay, Nha Trang bay and other stunning beaches. In this article Footprint would like to share with you a list of the most stunning beaches for you and your family. ...READ MORE

Top villages around Hanoi

Top villages around Hanoi

Vietnam is brimming with charming places, from modern beauties of large city like Hanoi and Saigon to rustic charms. If you are not a fan of hustle and bustle travel, and want to strip away the cars or scooters, sky scrapers and fast food corner to experience something more authentic, escape from big city to find yourself in some tranquil villages near by Hanoi. ...READ MORE

Vietnam's Travel List 2019

Vietnam Travel List 2019

If you are finding place to traveling abroad in 2019, Vietnam should be the top country you need to travel at least one time. So, this post will suggest you 5 best places you should to visit when arriving Vietnam. ...READ MORE

Floating season in Thac Ba lake

Thac Ba Lake in the northern province of Yen Bai– one of Vietnam’s largest artificial lakes is attracting a lot of visitors during the floating season. ...READ MORE