Discover the tranquillity of Lan Ha Bay

For most foreigners, Halong Bay is considered a must see when travelling in the Northern region of Vietnam. These recent years, however, many pioneer travellers have found that a lesser-known site, right next to the Bay of Halong is also charming with exceptional tranquillity.

It is called Lan Ha Bay, which is geologically an extension of Halong Bay to the South but sits in another province (Hai Phong). Accessing the place from Cat Ba Island is considered the easiest way. Since the highway Hanoi- Hai Phong was opened to the public, it takes you only 3 hours by bus and ferry to reach Cat Ba. When arriving, discover the island town with excellent seafood, the Hospital Cave or Cannon Fort is also worth a trip. After that, a boat from Ben Beo port will ride you to the Bay.

What makes Lan Ha amazing?

People falling in love with diverse-shaped limestone islands rising from the ocean of Halong Bay must be impressed by those of Lan Ha. Hundreds of karsts covered by trees are called different names based on travellers' imaginations such as Sandal stone, Bat stone, and Ring stone... 

Aside from limestone karsts, Lan Ha is also home to stunning lagoons, hidden caves, gulf, and little bays. Discover all of them and truly relax on your own because very few people would share your trip.

Last but not least, Lan Ha is amazing with around 140 white sandy beaches interspersed into the limestone mountains. Most tourists love sunbathing and swimming on these clean white beaches. Enjoy private yoga sessions are also highly recommended.

What to do in Lan Ha Bay?

The best time to come to the Bay is from March- June, and from October to November when the Sun mostly shines, and to avoid rain and fog. Here are our recommended activities: 

Enjoy the magnificent surrounding views 

Swimming and sunbathing

Kayaking to explore hidden caves, blue lagoons, and gulfs.

Rock climbing

Snorkeling for coral reef explorations.

Explore local lives in the Cua Van fishing village

Watching night sky full of stars and light point shining from fishing boats and many more...

Author: Footprint Team

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