Top 4 Pristine Beach Destinations In Vietnam

When it comes to glorious beaches in Vietnam, beautiful sandy beach in Nha Trang, Da Nang or Mui Ne usually get all the attention. But venture to the little explored South and Central of Vietnam and you'll find more pristine beaches and friendly people.

Heed the call of the wild with our top 4 places for extraordinarily pristine beaches.   

Tuy Hoa

Although Tuy Hoa - Phu Yen Province’s Capital City is only 120km from Nha Trang, it has a relatively low share of tourists. The 189 km of coastline with so many extraordinary deserted beaches, Phu Yen is much appreciated by travelers. Unlike Nha Trang, there is very little accommodation choice and infrastructure exists as people still make their living primarily off the sea. But don’t write the place off just yet.



Visit Nhan Tower, a 12th century Cham tower that located high on Nhan mountain and learn about Cham culture via ancient Cham architecture and mysterious legend. There is mountain where you can get the best view. Treat yourself with the best views of rice fields, and the mountains and the sea in the distance in Chop Chai mountain. Venture outside of the town to the North to visit more beautiful beaches and rock formation masterpiece at Ghenh Da Dia created as a result of volcanic eruptions.


Quy Nhon

Another underrated destination, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh doesn’t make it on to many Vietnam itineraries. It’s a little beachside city where you can find many pristine beaches. And of course, unlike other touristy places, sea foods are cheap and worth sampling.


Binh Dinh Province is also called Martial Land because it is hometown of Quang Trung king (Nguyen Hue), a great king in Vietnam’s history who defeated Thanh dynasty (Qing, a big dynasty of China) in 17th century. So, don’t miss chance to learn about our great king at Quang Trung Museum. 


Marry Field, 2016

You can also find the remnant of Champa culture here. Visit Quy Nhon Double Tower to learn about the Cham ethnic minority.


Phan Rang

Phan Rang is another option if you look for deserted beaches and peacefulness. There are numbers of beautiful beaches such as Vinh Hy, Ca Na and Ninh Chu. There is wonderful opportunity to try kite surfing in Ninh Chu beach from February to September due to its strong onshore winds. Mui Ne is getting touristy? Try Phan Rang.

Phan Rang is also a land of Champa culture. Cham towers are the most iconic symbol especially famous Poklong Garai Temples and Porome Temples and admire the magnificent architecture and fascinating history. There is also Bau Truc Village – the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia of Cham  ethnic minority. Learn about the culture, even try your own hand at making pottery and stock up souvenirs to take home. Not only can you support the local community, but also enjoy so much fun learning about Champa culture.


WikiVietnam, 2012


Con Dao

Isolated from the mainland, Con Dao is famous for its striking natural beauty and diverse marine ecosystems. There are plenty of things you can do here from trekking, night camping to turtle hatching (from March to August). But one of the things that we love about Con Dao is its friendly and hospitable people and the safety here. You can do more off the beaten path activities instead of restricting yourself in tourist areas. 


Sound like a tropical paradise right? But do you know that Con Dao was once called hell on earth for thousands of political prisoners during French rule and the American-backed regime. You can spend time visiting the prisons, Con Dao museum to take a look up close to the remnants of the war and the former prisoners – many of whom are celebrated as national heroes.


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