Top 5 Off The Beaten Track Destinations In Cambodia

Cambodia is diverse and rich in culture, like its neighbors in Southeast Asia. It is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in the region. When planning a holiday there the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, major cities of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are all must-see places. As a result, other places tend to be overlooked. Here are five picks of Cambodia’s off-the-beaten track destinations, to explore a more enriching country.

Chi Phat

Chi Phat village is situated directly in the heart of the Cardamom Mountains which is the largest rainforest in Southeast Asia. In an effort to protect the southern Cardamom Mountains from poaching, logging and land grabbing, Wildlife Alliance has launched community – based ecotourism projects to help create job and income for the locals who now act as the protectors. Also, you, the travelers, can explore the Cardamoms ecosystems and contribute to the conservation here.

Chi-Phat-WIldlife-Alliance-2011..-1024x683 Top 5 Off The Beaten Track Destinations In Cambodia

WIldlife Alliance, 2011

After a five-hour bus ride from Phnom Penh, you will continue to take a boat ride on the river while having a glimpse of  the riverside village. Don’t get too excited, the best is yet to come, until you reach Chi Phat and try various of environmental friendly activities such as treks through the jungle, bird watching, kayaking, visits to waterfalls and mysterious ancient Burial Jars and a lot of swimming.  it is a great chance to stay with Khmer community and learn about their culture.

Movetocambodia, 2011

Movetocambodia, 2011

Wildlife Alliance, 2011

Wildlife Alliance, 2011


Kep is a small town in the Southeast side of Cambodia. Furthermore, it is also the gateway to Rabbit Island – a place where travelers sway in hammocks and have cold drinks after surfing the waves. Lodgers can stay in the primitive huts that are all spread over the beach. What makes for the beautiful sceneries are the houses, nearly a dozen or more dot the landscape. The place appears to be undergoing something of a renewal. Kep is also known for its beaches and crab market stocked with the best seafood. Some travelers find Kep a bit boring due to it lacks a centre, but for me, I’m oddly charmed by its torpid pace.

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Manton, 2016


A two-hour drive Southeast of Phnom Penh will lead you to Kirirom – the Mountain of Joy which is an important wildlife sanctuary often ignored by travelers. The national park offers stunning trails through pine forest to waterfall with alpine scenery from the mountain. There are popular spots to picnics and many leisure activities to do such as boating, canoeing, fishing and hiking. It is also home to many endangered species of animal. The Asian Elephant, Deer and Leopard are just a few to name.

Lao-2015 Top 5 Off The Beaten Track Destinations In Cambodia

V Lao, 2015


The province is a load full of natural beauty with lush green rolling hill, hidden waterfalls and forest. A beautiful province, nested along the hills is home of the majority of Phnong ethnic minority and their noble elephants who are not affected by mass tourism. Most of the population lives off the land, planting fruit trees, rice and vegetables. Others grow cashew nuts, coffee and strawberries. What is interesting to know is the variety of languages being used: Hill tribe languages, Khmer, Lao and Vietnamese.

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Vannucci, 2009

Gillich-2014 Top 5 Off The Beaten Track Destinations In Cambodia

Gillich, 2014

Rattanak Kiri

Rattanak Kiri is full of treasures waiting to be discovered. This place offers some of the most striking landscapes and is home to several settlements of ethnic minorities. Many find themselves venture to the crystal clear water of Yeak Laom volcanic lake; explore the exotic flora and fauna in the rainforest. Since the majority of the population are made up of ethnic minority they live harmoniously with the nature and as result this area remains for most of the part untouched.

Carter, 2009

Carter, 2009

Hangsunly, 2009

Hangsunly, 2009

 You discover the inner peace by which the majority of Cambodians live their daily lives by is being away from the country’s most popular destinations. All five destinations listed above can be classified as retreats from the typical Cambodian holiday. If you want to experience something few travelers do and are looking for off the beaten tracks, do not forget to add these places to your list.


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