Top Places For Ocean Lovers In Quy Nhon

With the reputation of Ha Long Bay or Hoi An, Quy Nhon might not be the first name to “ring a bell” when talking about Vietnam. Yet this prosperous coastal city is a total package that would “wow” anyone who loves a combination of crystal clear beaches, powder-fine sand, delicious seafood, and a touch of culture.

Easily reached by plane, bus and train, Quy Nhon is situated on the central coast of Vietnam, almost equidistant between Hoi An and Nha Trang. If you are an ocean lover, do miss out these places while in Quy Nhon:

Ky Co Island

Ky Co is located in Nhon Ly Peninsula, about 25 km northeast of Quy Nhon. The island still retains its original pristine wilderness, since there is no inhabitant. It is blessed with sumptuously soft sands, brilliant sunshine, and sparkling blue sea. The water comes in two shades, cyan blue near the seashore and deeper blue off the coast. There is no doubt when many have praised Ky Co as the Maldives of Vietnam.

Bai Dua (Pineapple Beach)

Visiting Ky Co, it is highly recommended to spend an hour in Bai Dua, which is just about 15 minutes by speedboat from Ky Co. Put on your snorkelling gear and explore the underwater kingdom of dazzling coral reefs and colourful fishes.

Hon Kho

Hon Kho is about 10 minutes by boat from Bai Dua or 16 km from Quy Nhon. After hours of swimming and snorkelling in Ky Co and Bai Dua, Hon Kho is a perfect place to make a stop and savour fresh and delicious seafood. Take a quick nap as some restaurants here offer free hammocks overlooking the ocean, fishing boats and the fishing village. 

If you happen to be an adventure seeker, do not hesitate to climb the rock formation located on the left side of the fishing village. The reward will surely worth the climb. Open your eyes to a dramatic view of magnificent rocks formation and layering, blending its brownish colour to silver waves and aquatic blue ocean. From here, you might also observe the fisherman fishing beneath, the ocean, as well as a panorama view of the fishing village. Do not forget to spend some time to interact with local people here, as they are really kind and hospitable.

Quy Nhon Beach

Directly next to Quy Nhon city centre, the beach possesses a "moon-like" curve with a blue sea and golden sand stretching 5 km long. The beach is kept clean and there is no tacky restaurant or tourist gimmicks. Besides, Bai Xep - which is about 10 km south of Quy Nhon, is another remarkable local beach that once was listed in top 16 incredible beaches of Asia.

Eo Gio ( The Windy Pass)

Situated in Nhon Ly commune, about 20 km from Quy Nhon City, Eo Gio is a rising destination for domestic visitors. The name Eo Gio originates from the geological shape of this area. Standing on top of the cliffs looking downwards you will see a small strait covered by two mountains as a bracelet embracing the beautiful rocky beach. You might climb uphill to behold the stunning landscape or go downhill to be closer to the sea.


- For seafood lovers: While in Quy Nhon, you should take a look at Xuan Dieu street for fresh, tasty and cheap seafood.

- The best time to take photos at Hon Kho is at midday. Don’t hesitate the burning sun! Around 13.00 the sunlight is ideal to vividly capture the details of the rock formation, without being shadowed by the mountain.

- If you are a runner, challenge yourself for a run from Quy Nhon City to Nhon Hai fishing village. The route is about 16,1 km from Quy Nhon City. Nhon Hai is also where you can take the speedboat to Ky Co Island.

- Do not forget your camera gear for stunning photos, especially action camera for snorkelling.

- “Banh Xeo Tom Nhay” - A special kind of Vietnamese pancake with prawn and onion, which is a speciality that you must try in Quy Nhon.​​

- If you wish to witness local life and activities, every early morning (around 5 PM) and late afternoon, many locals gather at the beach for exercises and swimming.

-There are some lovely cafes and local shops by the beach in the evening with cosy lighting, which could be a nice place to hang out.

Are you excited for Quy Nhon yet? Remember to share with us your travel experience! 

Photos: Andy

Author: Andy

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