15 Years Later: New Slogan, Additional Values

We have committed to bring true value in travel to our customers, partners, local communities and our staff for the last 15 years. Footprint Travel’s vision is to offer our guests travel products that are eco friendly and off the beaten track while contributing to local communities and cultures, protect the environment. Our slogan may have changed but our vision towards  responsible travel - remains the same.

The expectations of our clients have changed and to meet these, we decided to refresh our products and take them to a higher level. The new slogan demonstrates who we are and what we stand for. It still helps us to protect our vision regarding responsible travel, while delivering our philosophy on discovering the world – as we have done for 15 years.  

With a deep seeded passion for sharing the vibrant cultures, profound natural beauty of Vietnam and the Indochina extension with travelers and partners, we offer tours/ packages that are:




What Improvements Add Value To Your Trip

We are a team of 13 devoted staff members who always strive to give our travelers the best experience possible. Whether it’s cycling, trekking, cruising, educational or volunteering, we want you to discover the authentic and unique experience without compromising a personal touch.


As a leading tour operator in Vietnam in delivering experiences, the local aspect is the first ingredient for us in creating a lifetime travel experience. We act as a bridge between the host and travelers to help you witness the unspoiled Vietnam where the warmth of the people and richness of culture surrounds you with flavour.

You have the opportunity to not only interact with the local cultures but also to ensure that your visit leaves a positive mark, creating a truly transformational journey. Experiencing a homemade meal with our hosts, taking a sip of tea and exchanging smiles and stories with the locals all helps you to see the world differently.


Over time, we have been continuously taking steps to leverage our local expertise. This expertise allows you travel off the grid. It is our second ingredient. Many of the products in our portfolio are unique and exclusive to Footprint Travel. Amazingly crafted products for 2017 will take you to lesser known destinations such as Quy Nhon, Tay Nguyen, Con Dao, Pu Luong, Cao Bang and many places in Vietnam and the Indochina extension that may not be on a typical travel brochure.

Along with a collection of new adventures, Footprint is proud to launch various special interest tours for you such as photography, culinary, archaeology, yoga tour – you name it!


Today travelers want to travel the world in just one way – your own way. But in order to personalise the travelers’ journey, we need to understand our customers before beginning the booking process. With 15 year experience, we can guarantee to meet your travel requirements to create an ideal journey – personalised just for you. Additionally, superior personal care is also delivered with compassion.  

Why The New Slogan Won’t Change What We Do

Our slogan has changed, but the vision of Footprint Travel remains the same. In fact, we believe the change has made our purpose stronger. We ensure that we can keep transforming our travelers’ journey while further developing in a sustainable way at the same time.



Author: Hong Anh

Hong Anh is a true story-teller. For her, travelling is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Each of her stories is a unique travel experience that is told and illustrated by her own distinctive style.

Hong Anh