Company trip – Angkor sunrise, white beach party and more

This summer, Footprint team had an unforgettable company trip to Cambodia – the amazing land of Khmer. We shared the great moment with many exciting experiences. This trip has become a connecting rope for all members of Footprint. 

The sweltering weather with the heat up to 38 degrees made our first impression, when we set foot on Siem Riep airport. It is true that this is a country of temples and Buddhism, because religious imprints are not only marked in the relics but also reflected in the local architecture. 

On our first night in Siem Reap, we enjoyed the local foods and got ourselves lost into the bustling atmosphere of the night market.

Passing by to taste Cambodian local food 

Although everyone seems tired and exhausted, most of the members of the delegation did not hesitate to wake up since 4:00 to catch the beautiful moment when the first sunlight fell over the ancient temple of Angkor. Angkor Wat was extremely stunning and gorgeous under the very first sun rays.  

Besides Angkor Wat, we did not miss the chance to visit the Angkor Tomb and Tom riddle temple, where used to appear in the Hollywood movie. The ancient place, protected by this intertwined tree roots gave us a great welcome with a pouring rain. And the rain gone, the weather became cooler and ease; it was time for us to say goodbye to SiemRiep. 

Our next destination is Koh rong Island. To move from Siem Riep here, we spent 10 hours on a night bus, then took a tutuk ride to the port and took a boat to the island. It is indeed a long way and tired. However, what is waiting for us is totally worth it. Koh Rong is an island in the Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia. It’s known for its sandy coves and coral reefs, like those around Koh Rong Pier.

What can be better than a romantic evening in the beach fresh seafood and enjoying the cool fresh air with colleagues enjoying. It was a trip full of joy and meaning. We hope to have many such trips because travel is the only way to get us closer.