Morning Coffee - More than just a quality time

Since August 2017, it has become a routine that once a month, our Footprint team will gather together on a Friday morning at a lovely coffee shop, where we would sit together and freely share our thoughts to each other.

Conversation is key

8.30 AM at a coffee shop, leaving behind a hectic working schedule, we turn off our phones and start the day with a coffee, a small talk and some hilarious jokes. Talking, telling stories and sharing ideas while enjoying good coffee are the best ways to get the team together. Here, boundaries are left out and there is no distance. There are no right or wrong, just different opinions, and we fully appreciate that.

Thinking out loud

For an hour, we carry on an in-depth conversation of a selected topic. The chosen topics could be anything ranging from practising a healthier lifestyle to defining the meaning of “beauty” in life. The shared ideas would not just dying out after each session but were eventually turned into reality. Our very first topic was to find out how we could improve our lunches in terms of freshness, hygiene, and taste. As a result, we have been preparing and having lunch together for 6 months now.

Respect - Love - Unity

We are individuals with distinguishing personalities, lifestyle and background. Each morning coffee session is a little bridge which connects us, giving the team a chance to get to know and understand others. We show respect, admiration, and love. One can be an inspiration to others without being a superhero. We learn from each other, from the personal stories we share, and from the difference between us.

“Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean” - Ryunosuke Satora


Author: Andy

Having been to over 20 countries, travelling is no longer a hobby but a passion for Andy, in which each journey is a process of self-exploration and integration of a human being into nature, culture and history.