How Footprint Stay Ahead During the Covid-19


The rapid spread of Covid-19 has had far-reaching consequences for people’s daily lives in almost all parts of the world. Moreover, in the tourism sector, millions of people lost their jobs, and hundreds of airlines are nearly bankrupt. On the other hand, the pandemic brings us the best position for Footprint to review insight business and think about what to do to catch World development in the future.

Different from the other company, Footprint chose positive work in this terrible time. People wonder how we can suffer from covid-19 outbreak, how we can adapt to the situation, and what helps to keep our business afloat. When the government decided to close the border, we always knew the business still had to find its own solutions to cope with the ongoing situation. We sit together and give ideas to keep the business alive, brainstorm on what we can do, and what we need to do in this negative situation to remain our core-value in sustainable travel. . We provide to each other practical implications and recommendations, which will help us to maintain our business eco-friendly. These include preparing plans to support the sustainable recovery of tourism, promoting the digital transition and move to a greener tourism system, and rethinking tourism for the future.

The discussion reveals that due to the Covid-19, the tourism sector declined sharply, but it provides an opportunity to transform our polluted world into a green one, which will have a significant and positive impact on global tourism in upcoming years. Since May 2020, we have been spending more time to support the local community by opening a new educational project – Fcamp for students, which has a series of activities on raising funds and experiences to help local people in Northern mountain areas in Vietnam. We are proud of being a part to rebuild local tourism for the future.

Besides, it’s the best time now to leverage our services quality, and work-performance by applying high-tech to our operation system. Modern technology helps to shorten working time, and human resources. Our mission is making the updated system run smoothly when the tourism industry is back on track. Improving travel products is also a challenge during this time. When most people are trying to survive in covid-19 period, we find ways to build other “local, unique, and personal” products.

Further, it’s positive that in upcoming years, due to the restoration of environmental beauty, the global tourism industry will boom, and Footprint will be ready to rock the season.



Author: Footprint Team

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