When The Night Falls At The Imperial Citadel - Hue

As the Imperial Citadel is open for tourist at night since April 22, visitors to Hue are now able to discover the timeless beauty of the citadel and many exciting performances between 7 to 10 p.m ...READ MORE

Top Vietnam Destinations for Photographers

Vietnam boasts beautiful coastlines, stunning mountains, impressive cities and flawless national parks, all of which provide visitors with plenty to see and do. ...READ MORE

June - The Festive Season

June is hot, not only because of its summery temperature but the rising heat from the celebration of many festivals all over Vietnam. ...READ MORE

Top Places For Ocean Lovers In Quy Nhon

This prosperous coastal city in central Vietnam is a total package that would “wow” anyone who loves a combination of crystal clear beaches, powder-fine sand, delicious seafood, and a touch of culture. ...READ MORE

Vang Vieng: From hedonistic party capital to Laos eco-paradise

Located in central Laos, between 2 well-known cities Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng seems more serene. But its stunning beauty lies in dramatic mountains rising above luscious paddy fields, lagoon, caves, and the river. This pristine rural town is now the country hub of eco-travel. However, looking back to its 15-year turbulent past, the story was totally different. ...READ MORE

Discover the tranquillity of Lan Ha Bay

For most foreigners, Halong Bay is considered a must see when travelling in the Northern region of Vietnam. These recent years, however, many pioneer travellers have found that a lesser-known site, right next to the Bay of Halong is also charming with exceptional tranquillity. ...READ MORE

Floating season in Thac Ba lake

Thac Ba Lake in the northern province of Yen Bai– one of Vietnam’s largest artificial lakes is attracting a lot of visitors during the floating season. ...READ MORE

Top villages around Hanoi

Vietnam is brimming with charming places, from modern beauties of large city like Hanoi and Saigon to rustic charms. If you are not a fan of hustle and bustle travel, and want to strip away the cars or scooters, sky scrapers and fast food corner to experience something more authentic, escape from big city to find yourself in some tranquil villages near by Hanoi. ...READ MORE

Special places for the stunning photo-shoot in Hanoi

If your customers are an adventure by heart, how exciting would they be to wander on paths and take photo of the places they have never been before? For a travel photographers, there will never be a routine but an adventure. Find here the most ideal places for all those tourists hunting for the best photo-shoot. ...READ MORE

The Best Romance Rooftop Bar in Saigon

When it comes to nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City, there’s no better place to party in style than a sleek rooftop bar. Offering panoramic views of the vibrant city and beyond, Saigon’s rooftop bars are rated as some of the best in the world. Read on to discover our 5 best rooftop bars in Saigon. ...READ MORE

Best Rooftop Bar in Hanoi

Here you'll find the best Hanoi rooftop bars with all info you need about each place. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. ...READ MORE

How has covid-19 affected community’s livelihood in Da Bac?

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Da Bac district is located in Hoa Binh Province, just two and half hours’ drive west of Hanoi. Unspoiled by mass-tourism and with stunning mountain views and calm waterways, it’s an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. We have recently called with Ms. Hảo from Da Bac CBT. She is working on Covid 19 recovery and getting community-based tourism along Da river back on its feet. ...READ MORE

My favorite trail marathons in Vietnam.

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Whether it’s a vacation or hiking tours, combining fitness and travel is definitely a hot trend. My personal motivation to exercise stems mainly from the promise of traveling to a new location. Each year I pick a destination and find a race I can run. While finishing the marathon feels euphoric, enjoying that race in a beautiful nature and mountain setting, a fun destination, or with the promise of a really excellent bonus at the finish line, makes it my travel the more worthwhile... ...READ MORE

Getting off the grid in Cao Bang

My fascination with waterfalls once again led me astray, away from the well traveled route. This time I visited Cao Bang, home of Vietnam’s most majestic waterfall- Ban Gioc. However, seeing the waterfall wasn’t the only thing that fascinated me the most. Cao Bang has more amazing natural wonders and local experience to offer. ...READ MORE

Do more outdoor activities to avoid Cv19

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Research and expert opinion suggests that it’s harder for the coronavirus to be transmitted between people in well-ventilated, outdoor areas so any outdoor activities with less people will generally safer than visiting indoor places such as museum, markets, etc.. ...READ MORE

Da Bac - Hoa Binh, a Footprint's new off the beaten track destination.

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Emerging as a new tourism destination, Da Bac District is still relatively untouched by the outside world. It has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the country, best described as an “in-land Ha Long”. ...READ MORE