Vietnam Reunification Day

April 30th marks the day that the war in Vietnam ended, closing the days when Northern Vietnam and Southern Vietnam were divided. ...READ MORE

Homestays: The best way to dive into a culture

Don’t cross homestay from your list because you might miss out the best chance to experience deep-insight the country you are visiting. ...READ MORE

Spice up your winter day by Hanoi’s stewed beef with vermicelli

Hanoi, in particular, has always been famous for Pho - Rice noodle with beef soup and many types of traditional noodle well known since long ago; and some new recipes like Vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine are even created by locals. It is such a dish, strange from the name to the taste, isn’t it? ...READ MORE

Mid - Autumn Festival | Time for love, reunion, mooncakes & joy

When it comes to autumn, visitors are not only impressed by the romantic breezes and the fragrant milk flowers of Hanoi but they will also fall in love with the very exciting atmosphere of Tet Trung Thu, so called Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon festival. ...READ MORE

How has covid-19 affected community’s livelihood in Da Bac?

Da Bac district is located in Hoa Binh Province, just two and half hours’ drive west of Hanoi. Unspoiled by mass-tourism and with stunning mountain views and calm waterways, it’s an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. We have recently called with Ms. Hảo from Da Bac CBT. She is working on Covid 19 recovery and getting community-based tourism along Da river back on its feet. ...READ MORE

Getting off the grid in Cao Bang

My fascination with waterfalls once again led me astray, away from the well traveled route. This time I visited Cao Bang, home of Vietnam’s most majestic waterfall- Ban Gioc. However, seeing the waterfall wasn’t the only thing that fascinated me the most. Cao Bang has more amazing natural wonders and local experience to offer. ...READ MORE

WorldKings recognizes 5 world culinary records from Vietnam

Five culinary records in Vietnam have been acknowledged by Hong Kong-based World Records Association (WRA), according to the Vietnamese record organization VietKings. ...READ MORE