Agricultural Tour In Vietnam – More Than Just Rural Tourism

You may have heard that Vietnam is an agricultural country with approximately 70% relying on agriculture almost exclusively for their livelihood. Join the new adventure with us to some of the agri-tourism destinations to explore Vietnam’s tropical agriculture, from growing crops to harvesting fish, through hands-on experience with Vietnamese farmers. If you’re not afraid of your dirty nails or have enthusiasm for farming, keep reading on because this is for you.


Explore stunning rice fields


Among agricultural products, rice is absolutely indispensable to the daily life of the 89 million Vietnamese. The two main granaries in Vietnam are the Red River Delta in the North and Mekong   River Delta in the South. The Mekong Delta is the heart of the rice producing region of the country, popularly known as the “Rice bowl” of Vietnam. If you follow our journey throughout Vietnam, you can pass through many rice fields and meet Vietnamese rice growing experts working on their fields. Spend time chatting with them to understand how rice is grown.

Hand on with farming in the outskirt of Hanoi

Travel more widely and deeply to the outskirt of bustling Hanoi, you can visit many vegetable farms in the rural areas.  The local farmers may need your helping hands to take care of many different kinds of vegetables and fruits so prepare to roll up your sleeves. Depend on the season; this involves ranking, sowing, watering, picking and other garden activities. The farmers here share with you their experiences regarding cultivation techniques and lifestyle.


Go fishing in Hoian

Located in Hoian, Cam Thanh Water Coconut Village offers you a chance to learn about Vietnam’s aquaculture with a day being a fisherman. Try it yourself various daily activities such as: casting the net, go fishing, crab hunting, rowing the basket boat, cutting the fishing rope, etc. This is when the skillful fishermen teach you their experience and knowledge passed down through generations.



The fun part is to learn paddle the unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boats – the mode of transportation that the local fishermen usually use to go fishing. Well, the key is to balance the boat without flipping it upside down.


Learn coffee making process in Buon Me Thuot

Next to rice, coffee is one of Vietnam's most important agricultural products? In order to learn about Vietnam’s coffee production and culture, from bean to cup, Buon Me Thuot is a must to visit. As the soil is perfect for growing coffee, coffee has been cultivated in Vietnam for nearly 150 years. In the harvest season, trucks are piled with bags of coffee. You can easily spot coffee beans are laid out everywhere to dry. You can visit coffee farms where strong-flavored robusta beans are grown and talk to the farmers here to learn about the coffee agriculture in Buon Me Thuot from history of farming to coffee harvesting. Moreover, you can visit factory to learn about the coffee making process.


Last but not least, taste the famous drink to understand why drinking coffee has become a daily ritual for Vietnamese people. Yes, coffee is taken seriously here. You can’t walk down the street without being tempted by a cup.


Stroll through coffee farm in Dalat

Dalat is the kingdom of vegetables and flowers due to the favorable climate. If you visit different wholesale markets throughout Vietnam, there is a high chance that you see agricultural products from Dalat.


With a vast agriculture farming area, Dalat produces many different kinds of agricultural products from coffee, vegetables, flowers to fruits that you may not have heard of.  Visit coffee farm in Dalat to learn about the different methods of farming in comparison to Buon Me Thuot.  


Explore the fish farm on the Mekong region

How can I forget about the adventure to fish farm on the majestic Mekong Delta? Visit a family and learn about their techniques to raise fishes. Lifts up a plank from the floor, you can see many fishes living underneath their floating house. On the boat, they also make their own fish’s foods to improve the quality of fresh-water fishes.

Visiting the fish farm, you understand not only about the Vietnam’s aquaculture but also the importance of the river to sustain the livelihood of countless families on the Mekong Delta since the fish depends on the flow of the water.


Discover agriculture tour tailored to your preference! 


Author: Hong Anh

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