Homestay types - what to expect?

Homestay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors share a residence with a local family of the destination to which they are traveling. There are 3 types of homestay in Vietnam for your preference.

1. Authentic Homestay

Authentic Homestay which are often offered by local people is a real type homestay with high level of authenticity with local residents.  Travellers can participate in daily activities to understand about local cultures. This homestay is classified as a very basic homestay (genuinely Vietnamese style).

2. Comfortable homestay

Unlike Authentic Homestay, the Comfortable homestays are normally located on touristic area, offered tourists authentic experience with a certain level of comfort and privacy. Comfortable homestay includes both simple homestay (authentic) and authentic homestay, but slightly adapted to western culture

3. Tourist homestay

To add on the list, the third type of homestay is Tourist homestay which established by travel company/Guesthouse. Similar to Comfortable homestay, touristic homestay is situated on touristic areas, giving level of comfort and luxury. However, this one doesn’t focus on the authentic atmosphere  as much as the previous two.



Author: Footprint Team

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