Travel insurance: 8 tips for a stress-free journey

Travel insurance is an essential part of anyone’s travel package. Yet it might not be the first thing that appears in your mind when preparing for your holidays.

Although travelling in Vietnam is relatively safe and cheap, you never know what might happen on the journey, especially when you are planning on an active holiday in a country with rules and regulations you barely know. Significant or not, any incidents could potentially ruin your entire travel experience and leaves you in a stressful situation. Yet travel insurance could reduce your stress level in such case, knowing the bills are covered and you are not left alone to deal with all the problems. On the other hand, being well-prepared allows you to participate in more exciting adventures, which is much more fun!

Here are some tips for you when preparing your travel insurance in Vietnam:

1. Theft is not very common but surely not a rare case in Vietnam, getting an insurance which covers stolen belonging is definitely a good idea.

2. Do not forget to keep the receipt as well as the police report as they are required for claiming stolen items by many insurance companies. 

3. Vietnam is a country stretching over 2000km, with that you should expect changes in different climate zones. Besides, chaotic road and questionable food safety standard are a good reason for you to get your medical/health insurance.

4. If you plan on an active holiday in Vietnam, make sure you are covered for that specific activity such as mountain biking or any water sports (Adventure insurance or extreme sports insurance)

5. If you plan on taking a ride with a bike, make sure you know the category of vehicle and engine size in the fine print of your insurance (if your insurance would only cover under 100’cc or larger engine bikes are also included). Also, do not forget your driver license.

6. Make sure your insurance company has a 24-hour hotline free of charge, and ensure you have the accessibility to their number.

7. The best time to get your travel insurance is the beginning of your booking process, once you have fixed your travel date.

8. Choose a reliable travel insurance company who could offer a good travel insurance plan according to your need.

Some questions you may ask the insurance consultant:

- What is included and excluded in the policy of your insurance package?

- What kind of paperwork do you need to take with?

- What are the monetary limits for claiming on your items?

- What are the proofs you need for claiming?

Your travel insurance package might be different depending on your holiday. To sum up, the most important elements of your insurance are health/medical plan, trip cancellation/delay, baggage insurance, flight insurance, third party liability insurance.

Have you got more tips on preparing for travel insurance to Vietnam? We would love to hear that in the comment section down below.

Author: Andy

Having been to over 20 countries, travelling is no longer a hobby but a passion for Andy, in which each journey is a process of self-exploration and integration of a human being into nature, culture and history.