Travel Post Covid In Vietnam

Crises like Covid 19, while adversely affecting an industry, have also been the driver of innovation and change. Hence, as a local tour operator, we are all prepared to provide our travelers with great opportunities in the post-coronavirus world.

Health and Safety will become essential

During the pandemic, we have seen many airlines, accommodations, cruises step up their existing health and hygience measures to protect travellers’ health and safety. However, this trend will likely continue to the future as travellers are more and more concerned about the area.

Just like them, we consider the wellbeing of our travellers and staff to be of utmost importance. Hence, we continue to reinforce our risk management protocols and make sure our suppliers follow the standard.

Destinations will be more beautiful than before

With reduced pollution from overtourism, we have seen how nature has, in many ways recovered such as a rare sight of dolphins in Nha Trang beach. Imperial City in Hue has also stood more majestic than before in the presence of fewer to none crowds and so on.

In Vietnam, this is an opportunity to reflect and address forward-looking issues including sustainability. As a tour operator, it’s our job to protect destinations against overtourism as well as promoting new off the beaten track destinations.

New tours await

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is taking steps to recover the tourism market from the pandemic.  At Footprint Travel, we hasn’t been standing still but extending our products to more experiences with deeper connection to nature, local culture and mindfulness. From hiking trip to community based tour, these are alternatives for our travelers that embrace the concept of slow and sustainable tourism.

We are confident in our capability to provide impact package for travellers to freely explore.

Fewer travelers could mean more expensive travel abroad

It can feel like airlines and accommodations increase price to rebuild their businesses after pandemic. However, fewer guests may lead hotels and other establishments to raise prices, making international travel more expensive.

Therefore, when Vietnam is open border for tourism, it will help ensure social and economic benefits that tourism guarantees will return in a sustainable way. At Footprint Travel, we will work with our suppliers to control the price and make sure to offer value for money for our travellers. 



Author: Footprint Team

Always full of travel spirit and laughter. Our expertises are shown not only through knowledge of the destination but also experience working in the tourism industry for over 15 years.

Footprint Team