Vietnam offers e-Visas to travelers from 80 countries

Viet Nam Government on February 1, 2019 issued Decree No. 17/2019/ND-CP amending and supplementing some articles of Decree No. 07/2017/ND-CP dated January 25, 2017 prescribing the order and procedures on pilot grant of e-visa to foreigners entering Viet Nam. 

An electronic visa (E-visa) is one of visa types issued to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department via electronic system providing permission to travel to and enter Vietnam like normal visa.

According this Degree, the number of countries that allowed E-visa Issuing increase to the number 80 including 46 countries in old Degree and plus 34 countries in newest Degree.  Many Europe countries are listed that help the citizens could visit Vietnam easily.

This newest Degree also raises more 5 ports to the number 33 ports allowed foreigners enter and exit Vietnam by E-visa including 16 landports, 8 airports and 9 seaports.

Vietnam E-visa is valid for maximum of 30 days and it takes 3 working days to receive E-visa confirmation letter which sent by email, for single entry. Outside Vietnam foreigners who want to enter Vietnam can personally apply for E-visa or through the inviting/guaranteeing agencies and organizations. E-visa fee is paid via electronic payment gateway as prescribed by the Immigration Department. The fee is $25 and will not be refunded if the application is refused.

Before applying for e-Visa, you need:

  • A passport with 6 months’ validity
  • A photo in .jpg format of your full passport data page
  • A passport photo in .jpg format (4x6, white background, without glasses)
  • A valid international credit or debit card
  • An email address for support purposes
  • A temporary address within Vietnam
  • Your entry and exit dates and entry and exit points/airports

How to Apply for Vietnam's e-Visa:

Step 1: Prepare the required materials above

Step 2: Access https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/en and then choose E-Visa and click on the link for 'Outside Vietnam foreigners'.  

Step 3: Upload your .jpg images (passport data page and passport photo) and fill out the required fields on the form completely. Submit your form. 

Step 4: Pay the e-Visa fee of 25 USD. Copy down the document code provided.  

Step 5: Within three working days you should receive news of your e-Visa application via email. If not, you can also run a search for your e-Visa at https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/en, choose E-visa and click “search” at the head. 

Step 6: Use your document code to locate your e-Visa online. Download and print the e-Visa in two copies for extra safety. 

List the countries that allowed E-Visa Issuing:


List of Ports that allowed foreigners enter and exit Vietnam by E-visa:


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