Code: HS01
Routes: Hanoi centre
Duration: about 3 - 4 hours
Features: Just when you thought that Hanoi was overloaded on information and hustle and bustle, Footprint decides to design a tour to get you out exploring the city while everyone else is asleep. Or that is at least what you may think. Hanoi is alive and bustling at night, and we’ve come up with a super program that is well worth getting up very early!

Trip Itinerary

At 4:00 AM (yes, 4:00 AM!), our Footprint guide will greet you at your hotel. From the hotel we will travel by taxi to where all the life is in Hanoi. First we travel to the famous flower market where hundreds of different kinds of flowers are being sold in bulk to the flower shop keepers. From there we transfer to Long Bien bridge where, underneath is one of the biggest and busiest fruit markets in the country. Both these markets are only seen in the early morning!


Next we will travel on foot and see the Old Quarter begin to wake up. You will see street side markets preparing for the morning. We’ll make our way to Hoan Kiem Lake to witness, and maybe even take part in, people, young and old, exercising, doing tai chi, and jogging. As the sun rises, and the light becomes perfect, take every opportunity to snap some of the best photos of your trip!


Finish the tour with a Hanoi breakfast of Pho Bo, and head back to your hotel to rest for theday ahead around 8:00 AM.


Inclusion: Taxi transfer, English speaking guide, breakfast.