Nha Trang Has Changed – Practicalities To Concern

Well known for beautiful white sand beaches, Nha Trang has felt overwhelmed for the past few years. The number of Chinese tourists has dramatically been increased for the past few years overtaking Russia as the largest market. However, as the numbers of Chinese tourists increase, the province has faced many issues to maintain the development of sustainable tourism. If you plan to go to Nha Trang, there are things that you should keep in mind. ...READ MORE

8 Lao Dishes You’ve Been Missing

Did you know that the Lao people eat a lot of sticky rice than any other people in the world? Their staple food is namely steamed sticky rice. Moreover, Lao Cuisine is very much alike to Thai and Vietnamese culinary offerings with soup, sticky rice and side dishes making up a meal. Read further for more of Laos’ Cuisine! ...READ MORE

5 Tips to Low-Budget Travel

Are you planning the vacation for your family to Vietnam this year? However you have not still given your decision because of so many reasons. Of course, budget is one of trouble you can not forget in your mind. To clear this trouble, I have some tips for you to get the good trip but save money for your vacation in Vietnam. ...READ MORE

Immersing in the zen-like charm of the Central Vietnam

From UNESCO listed port town of ancient Hoian, Hue’s imperial city to endless coastline of Nha Trang and Da Nang, the Central Vietnam is definitely our favorite region to travel for relaxation. For the past few years, the region has transformed into a luxury world with many newly opened resorts but still has its zen-like charm. In this article, we deliver some of the accommodation choices for those travelers who seek for the harmony between mind, body and spirit. ...READ MORE

Year-End Roundup

Lunar New Year is fast approaching. A new year signifies a refresh start, a new beginning. In that spirit, we want to take a moment to show grateful to 2016 and welcome the new year with our families and friends. Within two weeks, there have been 2 super parties from RTC and Footprint. ...READ MORE