Special places for the stunning photo-shoot in Hanoi

If your customers are an adventure by heart, how exciting would they be to wander on paths and take photo of the places they have never been before? For a travel photographers, there will never be a routine but an adventure. Find here the most ideal places for all those tourists hunting for the best photo-shoot.

1. Ba Vi national Park! A spotlight for nature lovers 

Ha-Noi-special -places -for- stunning- photo- shoot- ba-vi

Situated at the height of 400 m and 600 m, Ba Vi National Park has long been an ideal destination for tourists in and foreign that love nature. Considered "green lungs" in the west of Hanoi capital, Ba Vi National Park is endowed by nature with both charming paintings, rich ecosystems, diverse vegetation, considered "green lungs" in the west of Hanoi capital. 

The park owns fresh and cool alpine climate, wild beauty and charismatic with the green color of the mountains, along with small streams in the flowing across the path through the rich flora and fauna carpet. The National Park is a tourist attraction in Bavi. Outdoor activities such as walking, teambuilding, camping are the most exciting activities the park brings to you. Also here, you can take beautiful photos with natural mountains and forests, a large cactus greenhouse with a variety of cacti. A large cactus greenhouse is the most interesting and unique stop for young people to enjoy themselves with more than 1200 species of big, thorny and strong cacti. Besides, an Ancient French church with a mysterious appearance is the ideal place for extremely attractive "mysterious" images. In the national park, there is also a place named “Thien Son Suoi Nga” which is very suitable for taking photos and swimming with many beautiful angles. Freshwater that flows from the cliff could bring a refreshing feeling to visitors. A natural landscape of vegetations and streams, extremely majestic mountains will give you a good feeling that is far from the city dust.

 Address: Ba Vi district, Hoa Binh province

2. Nang Song Hong Culture - Cuisine - Tourism Village 


Ha-Noi-special -places -for- stunning- photo- shoot-nang-song-hong

Located on the romantic Red River, distant from the center of Hanoi 2.5 km, the whole space of Nang Song Hong exudes the beauty of Tonkin’s countryside with architectural works created from traditional materials such as terracotta bricks at low temperatures, blue stones, ceramic tiles, bamboo and so on. This combination is very interesting for anyone that love Vietnam culture art and Tonkin quintessence.
Nang Song Hong opens up an interior with 5 restaurants that have their own beauty named after 5 flower species: Lotus, Waterlily, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Chrysanthemum. At that place, visitors will have the opportunity to taste the dishes of Hanoi and the Red River Delta that made from the most quintessential ingredients and spices. In addition, diners not only immerse themselves in Northern cultural space, architecture and enjoy traditional art performances, they also have chance to visit the long-standing craft villages of the capital, colorful traditional festivals that are recreated in Nang Song Hong.  At the over 300-seat water puppet aquarium area, visitors can drop into the lively and cheerful performances of this traditional art. Moreover, in Nang Song Hong, you can go back to childhood with folk games like Swaying back and forth game, passing along a tiny bridge, bamboo dancing, or participate in fruit trees, planting and harvesting crops around the clean vegetable garden area.

Meanwhile, at the Natural bar with unique architecture, visitors can sip a cup of coffee, catch the dawn and the sunset. Nang Song Hong is also a good place to organize important events such as weddings, birthday parties or reunion sessions with many activities for groups of friends, colleagues, and families. For tourists who like to take photos, any area in the Nang Song Hong Culture, Tourism Village can also help them to save their beautiful moments. 

Address: 306A, Phu Vien Street, Bo De Ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi

3. Sixty square 

Ha-Noi-special -places -for- stunning- photo- shoot- the sixty-square

If you want to have photos that are nostalgic-colored in the subsidy of Vietnam, Sixty Square is an appropriate choice for your own unique and peaceful corners.

The 60s has put a very special mark on the customer that every time mentioning it, people immediately remember a combination of peaceful and vintage colors in the heart of the Capital. Originally an old French-style villa complex with two buildings connected by an open-air corridor, the 60s were repaired and redesigned to match the nostalgic criteria. Two ancient French buildings are interconnected by long gray corridors and covered by mossy yellow walls.

Vintage style is no longer strange to young people in Hanoi, but the 60s give to them another feeling. The peaceful and small coffee corners are a suitable place for someone who likes to enjoy the slow life. KoFi has a small and sunny courtyard that is suitable for groups of friends chatting in Hanoi’s autumn days. Cam is rumbling with the sound of Trinh Cong Son's music and the appearance of the cats and is the place where the owner always comes when the guests are seated warmly. There is also a tattoo shop that makes people feel very warm. Each room, each store is decorated with items as well as very private vintage motifs from the window frames, to the wall paintings to even the big blockbuster cars in the pavilion accessory...  

Address: 60 Tho Quan street, Dong Da district, Hanoi

4. Vietgangz Brotherhood Hanoi 

Ha-Noi-special -places -for- stunning- photo- shoot-vietgangz-brotherhood

VietGangz Brotherhood Hanoi is the next branch after the outstanding success of Vietgangz Brotherhood Saigon. This entertainment complex is the destination that gives you a cool photo with fantastic decoration. VietGangz Brotherhood Hanoi gathers a lot of underground areas in an area of over 400m2. Of all, the most prominent names are Vietgangz Coffee - coffee shop with the greatest Vietnamese motos, Liem Barbershop - Chicano-style barber shop that is considered the most famous in Saigon, with guys who shaved their hair, ear piercing, nose and tattoos on their bodies, VietGangz Tattoo - a super special tattoo shop with the motto "never discount" to give another look at tattoo art, VietGangz Piercing – paradise for young people who like piercing or VietGangz shop - where selling VietGangz members’ products such as t-shirts, sweater, hoodies, accessories ....

The entire space uses dark tones to maintain the spirit of the underground. Surrounded by extremely elaborate graffiti-painted walls, neon lights with beautiful shapes and countless decorations that just look at it have seen a street spirit. Arriving this complex, you will have a “ deep” and “ street style” photos. The swag of the gangster in the American underground is portrayed by the big graffiti in the complex with super-large motos that will help you have wonderful virtual backgrounds.

Address: 21 / 3B Dang Thai Than Street, Phan Chu Trinh Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

5. Hanoi railway street 

Ha-Noi-special -places -for- stunning- photo- shoot- railway-in- Phung-

Hanoi Railway Street is one of the places that not only attracts young people to come here "check-in" but also foreign tourists. Just simply to take a photo or enjoy a cup of coffee or beer in a new setting, and to experience the feeling of admiring the charming, unique and strange space right in the center of Hanoi. Hanoi Railway Station has existed for many years, and the railway runs around the city quietly integrates with the rhythm of this place for many years, too. From the day it was up to foreign newspapers as a must-visit-once place when going to Hanoi, the railway street was crowded, but its depressing space was not broken. Tourists come to visit and "cherish" it as the people here preserve it every day. The living life of the households in the tiny kiosks that mixed with new and old houses and the row of colorful houses closely intermingled are especially attractive to visitors. And if you want to have a unique picture of the Hanoi railway street's life associated with the train whistle, the sign of the time that train is coming, this is a great choice for you. 

Address: Dien Bien Phu Street to Phung Hung street 

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