8 Lao Dishes You’ve Been Missing

Did you know that the Lao people eat a lot of sticky rice than any other people in the world? Their staple food is namely steamed sticky rice. Moreover, Lao Cuisine is very much alike to Thai and Vietnamese culinary offerings with soup, sticky rice and side dishes making up a meal. Read further for more of Laos’ Cuisine! ...READ MORE

Must Try Dishes in Central Vietnam

Istinct from the North and light tropical tastes from the South are the spicy and strongly-flavored dishes from Central Vietnam. The dishes are usually defined by Hue’s imperial food and few other popular cuisines from Hoi An. There is much more to discover food-wise in central Vietnam, take a look at our top 11 must try dishes down below! ...READ MORE

6 Best Hanoi Dishes

In the Northern part of Vietnam there is a city where the cuisine is able to express itself the most out of it: Hanoi! Hanoi’s cuisine has become a unique cultural attraction for tourists visiting the city for the first time. All of the dishes have different scented flavors. ...READ MORE

Home Hosted Dinner – Going In-Depth in Hanoi

Let us think about the things we are most excited about when travelling. Clearly, saying ‘everything’ doesn’t count, so let’s be a bit more specific. ...READ MORE