Gift giving in Vietnam: FAQ’s with Footprint

Many people have frequently asked us: What should I bring as a gift for the home stay family? ...READ MORE

From Earth Hour to Earth Life at Footprint Travel

Born to travel responsibly, Footprint team is not only committed to take you travel responsibly but also committed to our daily life activities to support climate change – which is an important issue everyone should hear at least one before. ...READ MORE

Friends of Footprint – Mr. Dutch Smiling Fred

As everyone here at Footprint knows well that Mr. Fred Vorstenbosch, we often call him smiling Fred, who has been twice to Vietnam to support Footprint with tourism skills. ...READ MORE

For a Green Halong Bay – Project update

In partnership with the Ha Long Bay Management Board, Indochina Junk in Halong Bay (a partner company with Footprint) and Footprint Vietnam Travel a project called For a Green Halong Bay was launched as a trial project in 2007. Managed by Indochina Junk and sponsored by Footprint, as well as Tropical Sails the project has become a model of community-based success and responsible tourism. ...READ MORE