Before you come

1. Are there any restrictions on the type of luggage that bring?


Domestic airlines have their weight restrictions. On most domestic and low-cost airlines You may only have one suitcase or backpack, with a maximum weight of 20kg, and one piece of hand luggage, with a maximum weight of 5 – 7 kg. An extra charge for overweight is applied.

There is no actual limit on our trips, but we would suggest you travel light with one suitcase or backpack and one small daypack or small bag which you can access during the day and carry items like your camera, drinking water, toilet paper, hat, sunscreen, etc.

It is essential that you have a lock for each piece of luggage. Without one, railway and airline staff and some hotels may refuse to handle it.


2. Can Footprint Travel do the round-trip airfare from our country?


Yes Footprint team can, but the fact that we are a local tour operator, we would rather focus on organizing and booking your Vietnam trips. You should know that we can book domestic flights and will do all the domestic bookings for your package tour.


For you international flight, we advise that you please contact with your local or online airline agents. Vietnam arilines now has flights to / from almost every place in the World. Here is a link to their website: http://vietnamairlines.com.


3. What should we bring along on our trip to Vietnam?


It is best to travel light in Vietnam. One medium sized bag and a day pack will provide more than enough room to carry everything you'll need, and enough space for the things you'll buy in Vietnam.


There are lots of consumer goods in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, so do not worry about running out of something. If you do forget something you can easily find it here. Before you leave home complete the following checklist:


  -  Lightweight and quick dry clothing is most appropriate for the summer months, and warmer clothing for the winter months. As well, sun hat, swim suit, ultra lightweight rain jacket.
  -  Travel Documents: Passport, Visa, Travel Insurance, Air Tickets (you should scan them and email them to yourself in case you loose them).
  -  Health requirements, medications, and travel insurance arranged.
  -  Flashlight, alarm clock, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, small personal first aid kit, personal toiletries.
  -  Money: US dollars or travelers cheques and / or credit card(s).
  -  Raincoat or umbrella, good hiking shoes are needed for all Footprint trekking trips.
  -  Cable locks or padlocks for your luggage.
   - Camera with charger, extra batteries, and memory cards.

We have also created an fun checklisy you can print and stick onto your refrigerator.


4. Travel insurance? Should we buy it here at home before traveling to Vietnam?


Footprint works hard to make sure you stay on the safe side but, for your protection, please buy travel insurance in your country before you travel to Vietnam. It is compulsory for any particip ant on our tours.


Insurance will be really helpful in case of medical emergency evacuation. The travel insurance will cover against hospital and medical expenses and other expenses as a consequence of accidents occurring to the bearer during the period of Insurance and / or unforeseen illnesses which arises during that period as well. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions before purchasing any travel insurance.