From the exciting pace of the cities, endless coastline to breathtaking rural landscapes and villages, Vietnam’s diversity is astonishing.

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From the exciting pace of the cities, endless coastline to breathtaking rural landscapes and villages, Vietnam’s diversity is astonishing. In the capital Hanoi, you will find peaceful lakes, wide tree-lined boulevards and a fascinating Old Quarter. From Hanoi you can take an overnight boat trip on Ha Long Bay, with its thousands of limestone islands, or head to the mountains of Sapa.


With its modern vibe and frantic energy, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) makes for a complete contrast and is a great jumping off point for an exploration of theMekong Delta, a mountain getaway to Da Lat or a beach holiday in Nha Trang. 


Further, do not forget the central Vietnam towns of Hue and Hoian. Here you will find history, culture, cuisine, beaches and some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in all Asia...


Where our Vietnam trip take you

  • Ha Giang

    The only Karst Geopark in Vietnam and second in Southeast Asia, beautiful passes, vibrant ethnic market.

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  • Cao Bang

    Few travelers have ventured this far north, but those who make effort are rewarded with the alluring landscape of the surroundings as well as well – remained traditions of ethnic minorities.

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  • Sapa

    Sapa offers super trekking to nearby hill tribe villages tucked within the terraced rice paddies.

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  • Thai Nguyen

    A visit to the highland district which is famous for its hundred years of aromatic tea cultivation makes a perfect escape to the hustle and bustle of city life.

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  • Pu Luong

    Pu Luong Nature Reserve ranks as top 1 of Footprint guests’ favorite adventures. An extensive network or trekking, cycling and motor biking trails will lead our clients deep into the pristine forest, passing by limestone and valley and visit many ethnic minority villages of majority of the Thai and Muong.

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  • Hanoi

    The overloaded motorcycles, the lively markets and some of the world’s best street food are all here.

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  • Ha Long

    If you sit quietly in the evening, just as the sun has set and the pinks and baby-blues silhouette the shapes of the towering limestone features, you can feel it.

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  • Mai Chau

    Green-green, patterned rice fields dotted here-and-there with ethnic minority villages of the Thai people.

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  • Ninh Binh

    Other UNESCO world heritage landscape of massive limestone karsts Trang An and rich fauna and flora tropical forest of Cuc Phuong National Park.

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  • Quang Binh

    Home of one of the worldly most hunted cave system, the incredible Son Doong Cave.

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  • Hue

    Visiting a place like Hue is like going back in time. Ancient splendor and the elegance of the orient is hard to put a value on.

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  • Hoian

    UNESCO heritage town, Indochina’s major trading port dated back in 17th century with well-preserved fusion architectures of Japan, Portugal, Holland, France and China.

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  • Nha Trang

    Finally, the beach! And one with many options such as: swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, wind surfing or kite boarding.

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  • Da Lat

    Year round temperate climate, French houses on the scenic highlands covered in pine trees and colorful flowers overlooking many lakes. In Da Lat, just simply take a deep breath and enjoy.

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  • Mui Ne

    Simply, another amazing beach resort town in Vietnam!

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  • Ho Chi Minh City

    Ho Chi Minh City (HCM City) otherwise known as Saigon - is youthful, yet sophisticated, holding a charming air of modern philosophy in a post-colonial Vietnamese setting.

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  • Mekong Delta

    The delta of this great river has provided the natural surroundings and the people with so much aliveness and productivity. It is the mighty sound of life and culture.

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  • Can Tho

    Can Tho is definitely winning your heart with the stories along the bank of the mighty Mekong, the turbulent atmosphere of floating market or simply incredibly tasty fruits.

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  • Phu Quoc

    Exotic and romantic, Phu Quoc beach is all about a little more sentimental, romantic and peaceful.

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