Communications tips

1. Do people still speak French in Vietnam?


Yes, there are people speaking French, especially, the older people in Vietnam. There are also many tour guides that can speak French as well. Please talk to one of our travel consultants to request a french-speaking guide on your Footprint tour.


2. Cell phone carriers in Vietnam?


The major cell phone carriers are: Mobile Phone, Vina Phone, Viettel, S-Phone, E-Telephone. Vina Phone and Viettel is the best service provider with large coverage throughout Vietnam with the best quality. You can purchase a SIM card in many stores, and buy time at even more. Prices vary.


Tip: You must have your phone unlocked before an international (Vietnam) SIM card will work in your phone. If you have gotten a phone on contract with your local provider at home, chances are your phone will not be unlocked.