Home of the incredible Angkor Wat, in Cambodia, it is all about preserving the true value of life.

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The temples of Angkor are, without a doubt, one of the most mesmerizing sights in Southeast Asia. But there is so much more to Cambodia than Angkor Wat, and Footprint is looking forward to showing you some of the unexpected delights of this inspiring destination.


Of course we will show you the awesome spires of Angkor Wat and the enchanting faces of the Bayon. We will introduce you to the mystery and wonder of some of the outer lying temples, and jungle-covered Ta Prohm. But we will also take you to palm-fringed beaches, picturesque rural landscapes and one of the most charming capital cities in Asia - Phnom Penh. Having emerged from decades of civil war and general unrest, the Khmer people are incredibly welcoming and will be a highlight of your stay.


Where our Cambodia trips take you

  • Angkor Wat

    With impressive monuments, several different ancient urban plans and large water reservoirs, the site is a unique concentration of features testifying to an exceptional civilization.

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  • Siem Reap

    Remains a safe, friendly and pleasant town that facilitates your Angkor Wat exploration.

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  • Phnom Penh

    Few in tourist sites but plentiful in colors of local life in this riverside town. Phnom Penh simply means sit down and absorb.

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