Since 2001

For Footprint Team, adventure is not only about intense energy consuming activities. For us, to adventure is to find yourself whole And so the adventure begins.

In 1999, the dream began, when two students, from Hanoi Open University (Faculty of Tourism), met and began to design a travel company that would show Vietnam to the World. With passion, Son and Thanh worked with other companies as guides and tour operators, paying off student loans and saving money to start our own. Our experience in the field allowed us to travel extensively to isolated destinations in Vietnam, and learn the roles tourism played there.

  • Son Dang

    -Son Dang -

    Managing Director
  • Thanh Nguyen

    -Thanh Nguyen-

    Project Manager

In the evenings, with an old computer and a few thousand dollars borrowed from friends, we designed the beginnings of Footprint Vietnam Travel. In May 2001, the company would be established. It would be a company built on pride, honesty, passion and adventure.

At Footprint we provide guests with safe, high-quality travel and adventure with a healthy dose of fun. We see ourselves as the bridge between host and visitor. Meanwhile, focusing on responsible travel, we strive to travel in a way that respects culture, protects our environment and supports the communities we visit.

Since 2001, we have chosen to design and operate personalized tours for independent travelers and private group tours who have the same passion for travel and want to learn about the World around them.

We have built a reputation with thousands of travelers Worldwide and are proud to say that we are highly recommended in many of the travel guides as a local tour operator offering unique adventures.

We want you to witness the unspoiled Vietnam where the warmth of the people and richness of culture surrounds you with flavor. Where the depth of tradition and breathtaking landscapes completely inspires you.