Cao Bang

Few travelers have ventured this far North, but those who make effort are rewarded with the alluring landscape of the surroundings as well as visiting remained traditions of ethnic minorities.

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Cao Bang

Cao Bang is a province in the Northeast of Vietnam, bordering China. There are nine ethnic minorities living in Cao Bang, including the Tay, Nung, Dao, and H’mong.Famous sites include Thang Then Lake in Tra Linh, Ban Gioc Fall in TrungKhanh, and Ba Be Lakes in Ba Be. Several sites where Uncle Ho lived and worked before the August 1945 Revolution include Pac Bo, Coc Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, and Khuoi Nam Stream.


Ban Gioc Fall is situated in TrungKhanh district in Cao Bang province near the Sino-Vietnamese border. The echo of the falls can be heard kilometers away from TrungKhanh. The temperature near the waterfall is remarkably cool, due to the mist in the air.

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  • Cycle through the alluring karst limestone landscapes and visit Ban Gioc - Southeast Asia’s largest waterfall for a well-earned dip.
  • Take a boat trip along tranquil Ba Be Lake and venture to the remote areas that hill tribes call their home.