Luang Prabang

A well preserved of its natural splendor and inherent charm, radiating a missed-out-on-modernization vibe.

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Luang Prabang

LuangPrabang, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, sits at 700 metres above sea level at the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers. Being Laos' premier tourist destination and arguably Southeast Asia's most beautiful heritage town, LuangPrabang's entire historical section is dedicated to tourism, with everything from former royal palaces to over 33 Vats (temples), quaint shop-houses and sidewalk cafés. This former Royal capital still remains the main center for Buddhist learning in Laos and is the perfect location for spiritual meditation.


The majority of the city's sights can be reached on foot, so getting a map and making your way to the many temples (33 to be exact) is a good way to soak up the surroundings, observe the way of the Lao people and the large monk community. The wonder of the ancient temples is apparent at first glance; the gentle and unassuming nature of the locals, given the chance, will also leave a lasting impression.

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  • Wake up early and participate in offering food to the monks in the Buddhist alms giving ceremony Tak Bat, one of the most sacred traditions in Laos.
  • A city walk is never a bore in this UNESCO recognized town with its well-preserved architecture and lifestyle. Do not forget to sit down for a slow sip of beer Lao on the bank of Mekong River.
  • Take a boat along the Mekong River to embrace the beauty of LuangPrabang and its nature gifts