Pu Luong

Pu Luong Nature Reserve ranks as top 1 of Footprint guests’ favorite adventures. An extensive network or trekking, cycling and motor biking trails lead our clients deep into the pristine forest, passing by limestone and valleys and visit many ethnic minority villages, of which many belong to the Thai and Muong minority.

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Pu Luong

Located only a half-day's drive (~160 km) from Hanoi (link sang link Hanoi), the Pu Luong Nature Reserve is an excellent place to get back to nature. An extensive network or trekking, cycling and motorbiking trails lead to deep into the Vietnam jungle and many ethnic minority villages. 


The Nature Reserve was established in 1999, and protected an area of 17, 662 ha. The karst landscapes have made the reserve an interesting area for exploration and study. Some of the fauna in the area include the clouded leopard, spotted dear, bears, as well as many species of monkeys and bats. The area has also become increasingly popular with birds.

Việt Nam



  • Stay off the beaten track and hike the unspoiled beauty of Pu Luong Nature Reserve from village to village.
  • Experience a night at a homestay of the Thai people. Drink the local rice wine and dance one of their traditional dances with your host.