Thai Nguyen

A visit to the highland district which is famous for its hundred years of aromatic tea cultivation makes a perfect escape to the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Thai Nguyen

Situated in Far North- East Vietnam, Thai Nguyen Province is surrounded by Bac Kan Province on the north, Tuyen Quang and Vinh Phuc provinces on the west, Lang Son and Bac Giang provinces on the east, and Hanoi on the south.


Thai Nguyen City is on National Highway No.3 (Hanoi - Cao Bang), 80km from Hanoi. There is daily train from Hanoi to Quan Trieu, about 8km from center of Thai Nguyen City.


Mountains account most of Thai Nguyen's topography with Tam Dao, Ngan Son, Bac Son ranges. The complex network of rivers includes Cau, Cong, Du, and Rang. The main nature resources are coal, iron, steel and titan. Thanks to good soil, Thai Nguyen tea, especially tea of Tan Cuong origin has long been a nation- wide famous product. 


There are two seasons: winter lasts from November to April and summer is from May to October. Annual average temperature is 25oC. 

Thai Nguyen has revolutionary tradition, historical remains including Van, Vo mountains, Dinh Hoa ATK remain and Duom Temple.

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  • Stroll through the beautiful tea plantation, learn the tea process and try your own hand at it.
  • Sip tea and learn the tea etiquettes from tea growers.

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