Quang Binh Caves Natural Treasure 3 days

Code:       GER-TTLG03

Routes:    Phong Nha - Tu Lan - Phong Nha

Duration:  3 Days/2 Nights

Features: The central province of Quang Binh is known for the world’s largest cave systems. Footprint has selected the best options for our visitors – soon to be spelunkers – who are seeking for an off the beaten track adventure. This is 3 days, 2 nights’ tour that includes trekking, cave exploration, jungle camping and much more. A unique Vietnam experience should not be missed.

Trekking Level: 4/5 (Up to 18 km of trekking in total).

Trip Itinerary

We arrive in Dong Hoi around 6:00 AM. Upon arrival, our guide picks you up and we begin our exploration of several local caves. We have lunch in the La Ken Valley before embarking on a 1,5-hour trek and have a swim through the Hung Ton wet cave later on.


In the afternoon, we reach our campsite in the To Mo valley. After a challenging first day, sit back and relax your dinner while being surrounded by nature.


Distance: 7 km

Trail Difficulty: 3/5

Inclusion: Transfers, guide, porter, trekking gear, sleeping bag, entrance fees, picnic lunch, dinner and campsite.

The sounds of nature wake you up for breakfast. You begin the day with a breakfast before taking a short and enjoyable swim through the Kim Cave. Afterwards, we trek to the Tu Lan valley. We continue with a deeper trekking exploration (2,5 hours) and then have another well-earned dip. Stay overnight at our campsite in the Tu Lan valley.


Distance: 5 km

Trail Difficulty: 3/5


Inclusion: Transfer, guide, porter, trekking gear, sleeping bag, entrance fees, all meal and campsite.

On our last day, you have some final opportunities to explore and learn about the local caves and their ecological systems in the jungle valleys to which we have become accustomed to. Then, we trek further (about 6 hours) through the hills to Tan Hoa village.


Lunch is served by the river. Then, we return by crossing river. Head to Phong Nha and then to Dong Hoi where we finish our trip at about 7:30 PM.


Distance: 5km

Trail Difficulty: 3


Inclusion: Transfers, guide, porter, trekking gear, entrance fees, breakfast, lunch.