Discover the Heart of Hue with our Home Hosted Tour

At our Hue home-hosted tour, we invite you to experience the true essence of our city through the eyes of locals. Our signature cooking class tour is designed to immerse you in the rich and diverse world of culinary traditions. But it's not just about recipes and ingredients; it's about creating unforgettable memories and taking home more than just new cooking skills. ...READ MORE

Promoting Hanoi's cuisine after Michelin-starred restaurants events

Step beyond the realm of Michelin-starred restaurants and delve into the captivating world of Hanoi's cuisine. This blog uncovers the hidden gems and vibrant flavors that define the city's culinary landscape. From savoring aromatic street food to uncovering traditional recipes, join us on a mouthwatering journey celebrating Hanoi's exquisite cuisine. Experience the diverse and enchanting flavors that make Hanoi a culinary paradise, beyond the glitz of Michelin stars. ...READ MORE

WorldKings recognizes 5 world culinary records from Vietnam

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Five culinary records in Vietnam have been acknowledged by Hong Kong-based World Records Association (WRA), according to the Vietnamese record organization VietKings. ...READ MORE

Hanoi’s recommended restaurants


In Hanoi, there are various choices of Vietnamese restaurants, each one bringing unique taste for diners. Here are some of the most popular suggestions. ...READ MORE

Spice up your winter day by Hanoi’s stewed beef with vermicelli

hanoi stewed beef with vemicelli

Hanoi, in particular, has always been famous for Pho - Rice noodle with beef soup and many types of traditional noodle well known since long ago; and some new recipes like Vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine are even created by locals. It is such a dish, strange from the name to the taste, isn’t it? ...READ MORE