Spice up your winter day by Hanoi’s stewed beef with vermicelli

Hanoi is getting colder; can you feel the drizzle and harsh wind biting out of the window? In this bleak weather, what could be better than a bowl of vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine?

Tourists to Vietnam are always amazed by the diversification of noodle, from the noodle’s type as “phở”, vermicelli to the way it’s served with soups. Different regions present their unique way of Vietnamese noodle. Hanoi, in particular, has always been famous for Phở - Rice noodle with beef soup and many types of traditional noodle well known since long ago; and some new recipes like Vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine are even created by locals. It is such a dish, strange from the name to the taste, isn’t it? 

To most of Hanoian, the bread stewed in red wine may sound so familiar; however, this vermicelli with beef stewed in red wine seems quite new to local let alone foreigners. We, easily, can catch a sight of noodle with beef stewed in some street vendor. Among them, Kham Thien is one of the rare places in Hanoi selling beef stewed with vermicelli.  The restaurant is located at the beginning of the alley on Kham Thien Street. Despite a tightened space, the little alley is always crowded and attractive to many food lovers.

Mrs. Lan, the owner of the little vender shared that, 15 years ago, she only sold Vietnamese rice vermicelli with paste soup and rice pancake soup, but 5 years ago, she switched to sell this new dish. Actually, many restaurants serving noodle with stewed beef, but she is the only one mixed stewed beef soup with vermicelli.

A bowl of this is such a perfect combination between fresh vermicelli and delicate beef slices; with some spring onion and the hot soup. All together has delivered a perfect taste of winter.

Address: Cong Trang Lane, Kham Thien Sreet, Hanoi

Price: VND25,000

Open time: 5:30am – 10am

Author: Footprint Team

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