Footprint Travel have settled into new offices!

We, here at Footprint Travel, are excited to announce that we have moved to new premises on the 8th floor, No. 121 Bui Thi Xuan street, Hanoi. 

We had been at our current location since 2014 and over the years the good work that we did has helped us to continuously grow. However, we have now outgrown our current facilities and the time has come to say goodbye. 

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We set our low carbon footprint style from old office to the new place, and brought all our beloved trees, travel passion, and eco-friendly spirit together with us. We maintained our responsible attitude, natural love, and “re-filled my bottles” programs in the new office.

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Relocating presents an opportunity for a fresh start. From changing our office’s interior design to implementing innovative ways of working, office relocation definitely is the catalyst for giving the entire company a make-over, and not just an aesthetic one. 

The office is not simply just a workplace. The new place is wonderful for teamwork and team building, especially with the spacious sundeck; at the same time, there are spaces for private team meetings and solitary work if need be. The 8th floor located office provides us with a wonderful view of the city, together with a chance to exercise by walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator. 

Joining the campaign of being a green office, in our process of decorating and filling the space, we have gotten rid of any plastic object and aim towards more eco-friendly devices. We also color our new office green with trees, peace lily, aroid palm, money tree, edelweiss, and flowers which will help us not only to enjoy the fresh air and inject energy into the workforce but also inspire our team to work responsibly. 

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Office relocation is one of Footprint‘s biggest events in 2019. The move allows us to operate in flexibility and open space that encourages team working and collaboration. 

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The new office offers a great location for us to welcome our valued partners and travelers in Hanoi. Furthermore, this move has been a big boost to the Team and an exciting milestone in the progression of Sustainable travel.

There’s no point trying to say that office relocations are easy, they aren’t! Moving gives us the chance to revamp our business, motivate the team; as well as giving Footprint the opportunity to review the core values at the heart of our company.

Please come and enjoy with us!

Footprint Travel – 8th floor, No.121 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.