Join Footprint's Tree Planting Campaign: 1000 Trees in 2024!

As we are committed to responsible tourism, our goals and core values focus on expanding and promoting responsible practices within the travel industry. In an increasingly fast-paced modern life, protecting and developing the natural environment have become more urgent than ever. We - Footprint Travel - a leading company in sustainable and responsible tourism - have implemented campaigns and activities to contribute to environmental conservation. 

In 2023, we served as a key Ambassador for RefillMyBottle in Vietnam providing both financial support and human resources to expand the initiative. We enhance refill stations, conduct marketing campaigns across various channels, and update the global map to promote refill station benefits. Our efforts aim to raise awareness about plastic waste and encourage widespread participation, engaging businesses, communities, and organizations to join the movement.

In addition to the RefillMyBottle initiative, we have consistently pursued our Green Office campaign, striving to decrease energy consumption, limit plastic usage, and conserve electricity throughout our company and among all staff members. Complementing these efforts, a portion of profits from our tour activities is allocated to a Tree Planting fund. This initiative can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, fostering environmental rejuvenation, and advancing our company's environmental protection objectives.


Join us in our campaign - a small contribution can make a significant impact:

We aim to plant 1,000 trees by 2024. We are excited to announce our partnership with the Hang Kia - Pa Co Nature Reserve and its local communities, situated in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh. This emerging tourism destination is ideal for our green tourism initiatives.

We welcome everyone to participate in the campaign, as together we can plant 1,000 or more trees to promote environmental balance and enhance the beauty and greenery of our destinations.

Why do we plant 1000 green trees?

Planting 1000 trees is chosen based on environmental impact assessments, sustainability goals, and the aim to offset a specific amount of CO2 emissions. This number aligns with our sustainability objectives and is well-suited for the area.

Why did we choose Hang Kia - Pa Co Nature Reserve?

We choose to plant trees in the forest restoration areas, which were previously cleared by locals for agricultural purposes. Now, these areas have been designated for reforestation, where households are tasked with planting, caring for, and protecting the forests. If these areas develop into forests in the future, the households will receive financial support from the government to maintain them, to increase forest coverage.

Given that these lands are allocated to households, to ensure they are well maintained and protected, it is recommended by the forest management board to plant economically beneficial trees: michelin tonkinensis, parashorea chinesis, and other large timber trees that locals can utilize without cutting them down.

For that reason, we are dedicated to strictly achieving the goal of planting 1000 trees, calling upon all company staff, guides, suppliers, and business partners for support. This initiative also aligns with supporting the Green Office and donating to it.

By participating in the tree planting campaign, you not only contribute to restoring forests, preventing environmental pollution, and conserving biodiversity but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of natural disasters. Furthermore, tree planting creates opportunities to strengthen community bonds, contributing to the sustainable development of the locality.

Make your contribution through [Momo/ Onepay], where every VND 35,000 you donate will contribute to tree planting and environmental conservation.

 Let's join Footprint Travel's campaign and work together to make the Earth greener and more beautiful!


Author: Footprint Team

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