Two Years, 730 days of waiting!

22.3.2020: we saw our last group off, due to covid pandemic.
22.3.2022: we welcome our first travellers back.
Coincidently, on the same day, after exactly 2 years, how exciting for Footprint team and the travel industry!

When covid19 first appeared, on the very first few months, we thought "it should be 3 to 6 months to isolate this virus" but it was not that easy, then we estimated again and concluded "no more than 1 year, so travellers can travel back to Vietnam by September 2021 the latest".

Then during the summer 2021, Vietnam was very much affected by the 4th waves of the pandemic and Saigon was badly hit during these summer months and this was the worst wave of COVID-19 ever, this made us feel our way through the tunnel to the light is still far away.

Vietnam had our very first vaccines in April & May 2021, but very quick to the end of 2021, we had made it more than 60% of the Vietnamese population fully vaccinated. And by now March of 2022, we have reached to almost 80% of our population vaccinated.

Until today, we still have many new cases of cv19, but the mortality rate is very low thus on March 15th, our government decided to open the borders for the economic recovery and to welcome travellers back.

Same as most parts of the world, cv19 can be treated more like a seasonal flu, we now see the light, no matter what's happening there in Ukraine, we see a big blue sky and with sunny days waiting to welcome you back to enjoy fully in Vietnam!


Author: Footprint Team

Always full of travel spirit and laughter. Our expertises are shown not only through knowledge of the destination but also experience working in the tourism industry for over 15 years.

Footprint Team