June - The Festive Season

June is hot, not only because of its summery temperature but the rising heat from the celebration of many festivals all over Vietnam.

International Gastronomic Festival 2017 – Hanoi

The festival is scheduled for June 16 and 17 in Hanoi with about 50 food stalls, introducing authentic and traditional Hanoi dishes, together with many representatives from Laos, France, Peru, Japan, Argentina, Thai Lan, etc. Many delicious Vietnamese dishes can be found here such as Nem Phung, stuffed pancake Madam Hoanh, Quan Ganh round sticky rice cake, etc.

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Quang Binh Cave & Grotto Festival 2017 – Quang Binh

Quang Binh is blessed with one of the most magnificent and extensive cave systems with more than 300 caves and grottos. The biennial event takes place from June 16 to 25 with various activities, including an opening ceremony, a 50-km triathlon (cycling, running, and swimming) with the participation of 50 athletes. Through the festival, new tourist routes and accommodation services in Quang Binh are introduced, namely a tour exploring Phu Yen Lake, Hoa Son Cave and Ruc Mon Cave and a tour discovering the culture of the Arem and Ma Coong ethnic minority groups.

Da Nang International Firework Festival

This month on June 24, the Da Nang’s sky will be lighted up with the final round of the Firework Festival. In 2 months, the annual festival has been celebrated with the participation of 8 international and domestic teams from Vietnam, Austria, Japan, China, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland. The main theme this year is “Shining Marble Mountains”, includes the series of 5 elements named Fire – Water – Wood – Earth – Metal, divided into 5 nights. The event is estimated to attract a large number of local residents and visitors. Together with the success of the festival, Da Nang also revealed its ambitious vision as becoming a world-class destination for festivals and events in the next 10 years.

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6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival

Aiming to promote Quang Nam’s tourism potentials, the event takes place from June 9 to 14, with many attractive activities such as Hoi An Light Festival, International Choir Competition, the World and Vietnam Silk Festival. Especially, an international workshop is held in Hoi An to share experience and seek solutions to effective heritage preservation and management.

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Nha Trang Sea Festival 2017 – Nha Trang

Seeking to welcome around 150,000 visitors, the event is held in the coastal city of Nha Trang from June 10 to 13. In between many activities, the colourful street festival is among the most anticipated events. Other events are a beach volleyball tournament, a coffee and beer festival and a fishing competition.

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Southern Fruit Festival 2017 – Ho Chi Minh City

The annual festival, which will run until the end of August, features fresh and delicious fruits specialities from southern Vietnam. There are many exciting activities, including a display of rare, strange, and enormous fruits, a floating market and a fruit sculpture competition, with about 150 kinds of fruits.  

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