Footprint Team's "Morning Coffee" on Practicing Sustainability in the Office

At the heart of our commitment to responsible travel and environmental stewardship, the Footprint Team embarked on a journey toward a greener future through a special "Morning Coffee" session. On this particular morning, our office transformed into a classroom of learning and inspiration, as we delved into the intricacies of practicing sustainability within our workspace.

Morning Coffee 24th Aug, 2023

**Unveiling the Green Office Blueprint**

The topic at hand was "Green Office," a concept that transcends the realm of travel and touches upon our everyday operations. Guided by our shared passion for preserving the planet, we embarked on an internal training designed to serve as a guiding light for integrating sustainability criteria into our office practices.


*Join us on this journey, and let's create a world where every step—whether in the office or in a remote destination—is a stride toward a more sustainable future.


Author: Footprint Team

Always full of travel spirit and laughter. Our expertises are shown not only through knowledge of the destination but also experience working in the tourism industry for over 15 years.

Footprint Team